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McCORMICK, SC......Innocent 10 month old, 22 lb. Golden Retriever Mix was shot and left to die.  This sentence doesn’t even begin to describe the nightmare this little dog has had to endure over the last four days.  I received a phone call yesterday from a fellow rescuer that said someone down the road from her showed up with a small dog that he said his guest had shot.  He said it had just happened but that is not the case.  This adorable little dog had been shot and left in his yard to die while no one did anything.  If you are going to shoot a dog, then go back to put the animal out of her MISERY.  I had my friend drive the dog as close to me as possible and then I took SASSY to our vet in Savannah.  When I saw this little pup wagging her tail with hope in her eyes, it was all I could to keep breathing.  Someone shot her across the top of her shoulder blades.  The original x-rays looked like the only part that was damaged was the top of the shoulders and the spine and the spinal cord had been spared.  When I got her, I suddenly knew that was not the case.  I rushed her to the vet where we discovered her insides were filled with maggots.  A lot of good can be done by them to clear up infection for a short period of time but not when they invade the body.  The surgeon met us outside to see our little Sassy and to access the situation.  He had already seen the x-rays but was horrified at what he was witnessing.  She was rushed inside so we could immediately clear her body of any foreign matter.  The entire time she is looking at us and letting us do whatever needed to be done.  Ever once in a while she would make a little sound but endured all we had to do.  When we got her stable enough to where she could be put under, the surgeons began to clear up all of the damaged bone fragments and infection.  Drains were put in to allow the infected fluid to drain out .  Her shoulders cannot be repaired until the drains are removed.  She is in intensive care and will be getting round the clock care.  We do not know how much damage the maggots did to her spinal cord but are hopeful we got her in time.  I see innocent abused animals all the time.  This little dog completely pushed me to the edge where I know I could have shot and killed someone without a second thought.  Anyone that does this is not human and needs to be put away forever.  The sheriff has been contacted and we are staying on top of this.  I do not care how long it takes, I will not let up until someone pays for what they did to to her.  We do not have a clue what the outcome is going to be.  I could not let this little dog fight for four days and wag her tail with happiness when she sees us and not do everything in my power and beyond to save her.  That is what we are going to do and we are not going to give up unless she gives up and then we will let her go peacefully.  I hope and pray she does not give up because I will not.


Adorable SASSY has survived the night.  They went in this morning and did more surgery on her to clean out her chest cavity.  We are still working on getting her comfortable and stable while removing foreign matter from inside her.  She is still with us and that is a good sign.  Keep PRAYING for this little girl.  She is getting 24 hour care.


Our adorable little Angel Sassy started out with a 5% chance of survival.  She is now up to a 40% chance of making it.  She is getting 24 hour care to handle each emergency as it happens.  She has had two more surgeries since yesterday to clean out her wounds and clear foreign matter and we think we have finally gotten most of it.  Different drains have been put him that we feel we be more efficient.  We are not sparing anything for this little girl and are not taking any chances of something happening when we are not looking which is why she is monitored with the medical staff every minute of the day.  She needs lots and lots of prayers and we still need funds for her.  Here is the first picture we are able to show that we feel will not turn people away.


SASSY UPDATE.......We have gone in and done more surgery on Sassy this morning. She had several surgeries this week-end to remove all of the foreign matter out of her wounds. She is now free of any foreign matter and we are finally able to do surgery on her shoulder blades that were shattered and to repair the muscles and ligaments that enable her to use her front legs. This little girl, still has a long road ahead of her but her changes are now up to 60% that she will make it. We have gone from 5% to 60% which is wonderful. We still need all the funds we can get for her because of the 24 hour care and the fact she has had to have several operations every single day we have had her. Keep posting for this little miracle dog.


SASSY UPDATE....surgery was done on Sassy early this morning to repair the muscle and ligament that were shot away. She has not been able to raise her head because of it. A ligament was stretched until it could be attached to a muscle further back. Here is a video of her this evening raising her head for the first time. It is a little painful and you can hear her yelp at the end but it is amazing she can do this at all. Our little Angel is still showing us that miracles can happen.


SASSY Update.....Our little Miracle is doing wonderful.  The thread we inserted in her neck is working and she is able to raise her head up slightly. The damaged and missing ligament will eventually grow across the thread and reconnect itself to the other side.  Her infection has improved and has even started to shake her neck which is a miracle all by itself.


Our Little Miracle is doing so incredible that you would never know she only had a 5% chance of survival a month ago. She is running and playing with all of the other dogs, having the time of her life. She will be going to her new home on January 8th. She is one of the sweetest little girls that will finally get the love and care she has always needed.



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