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It is hard to believe that, looking at the pics of Annabelle from the beginning to now, it is the same dog.  She has gained almost 22 lbs. and is as fit as you could ever imagine.  Lots of TLC and the best dog food imaginable have enabled her to regain the lost muscle.  She still needs to gain a few more pounds, which will happen gradually in the next few months.


Annabelle's Journey with us started with a slim chance she would survive.  The ER facility did not even give her a 50/50 chance of survival.  The Humane Society in Charleston did not want to give her a chance; that is where she was dropped off.  Every animal deserves love and compassion.  Dear Annabelle needed someone to care about her as a puppy and her Life to be saved.


She proved everyone wrong who gave up on her.  She is thriving and loving her new Life.  The Low Life that left her abandoned, starved, and alone is a distant memory, never to be repeated.    We turn every stone upside down when considering a Family adopting one of our pups.  The biggest complaint we get at Noah's Arks Rescue is it is easier to apply for a house loan than to adopt one of our special dogs.   I am okay with that.  These precious Souls are now part of our Family and, as such, are to be protected.


Adopting from us means we have done the hard work and gotten them healthy.  We have taken on the financial burden of their medical and rehabilitation.  All adopters need is to keep them healthy, love them unconditionally, and let us know if they have any issues they cannot handle.  We take back any pups that do not work out for any reason.  As I said earlier, each dog we save is part of our Family and always will be.   We love them FOREVER.


Sweet Annabelle is a typical energetic Malinois puppy.  She is smart as a whip and knows it.  She also thinks she knows more than anyone else in the room.  We have had to remind her that she does not.   We have chosen her new Family because of their experience with the breed and their unconditional love for their dogs as members of their Family.


Annabelle will begin her Journey to her new home in Colorado in one week. She will be spoiled rotten and work out all her excess energy by running and hiking in the mountains.  We will miss her but will get updates about her progress and all the adventures she will experience.


On another great note, beautiful Winter will leave for her new home in Vermont.  Those two amazing dogs will be leaving our facility but not our hearts.  We will check on them often to ensure their transition goes smoothly.


Thanks for giving each of our pups the Gift of Life.  Without your love and support, none of this would be possible.

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