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LIZZY (Gwinnett)

Latest Updates

Every dog we take in has a long list of challenges we have to overcome.  Dear Lizzy is no different.  Our biggest challenge is getting her body to heal with her Elephant Skin.  Every little nick or wound requires weeks of extensive wound care to coax the skin into doing what it should generally do.


Elephant Skin develops when the body creates a thick barrier reacting to an irritation that does not stop.  The skin gets thicker and thicker and begins to hold moisture.  The moisture allows yeast and fungus to grow in areas kept moist for too long.   It is a debilitating cycle that destroys the peaceful, calm demeanor that every dog usually enjoys. They cannot relax and sleep, and everything becomes an irritant, even the gentle touch of a human.

Lizzy's corrective eye surgery for her cherry eye initially went smoothly.   It has been tricky for the healing to complete, but we are seeing significant progress. Right after surgery, we thought she was going to have to go back to have more surgery.  The cherry-eye had been removed, but her third eyelid was not receding as we had hoped.   It has been a couple of weeks, and we finally see the irritation improving.

Lizzy is a work in progress that we embrace each day with lots of love and compassion for what this precious pup has been through.  She has learned to love our embraces and dislikes being without her caregivers.  We are constantly changing her tiny shirts to allow her skin to breathe and not hold any moisture.  You would think moist skin would be super soft and not crusty.  It is just the opposite.  The skin is dry, crusty, and a little oily.  

The good news is her skin is beginning to soften.   We will eventually get her to a place where her skin will be almost normal.  Some areas that were severely damaged will never be expected but will be as close to normal as possible, given how bad she was when we rescued her.

Lizzy is a tiny jewel in her elephant skin body.  She loves everyone and embraces new challenges each day with excitement. She will be the best companion for anyone who loves having a small dog around to cherish. We are smitten with her cute personality.  If Lizzy would be perfect for your Family, please fill out our Adoption Application online or drop us a note with any questions.

Lizzy's medical bills are a weekly occurrence.   We must stay the course with Lizzy and all our dogs to get them well.  Please think of Lizzy and all the other abused pups in our care this Holiday Season.


Please help us get Lizzy medical care by donating.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Be kind to your neighbors who are missing a loved one. Open your Heart and Home to them and their Family Pets.


Give the Gift of Love and Understanding to everyone you meet, especially animals in need that do not have a home.

Warm hugs and much Love from everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue.


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