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MISTER (Staffy Terrier)

Latest Updates

Sweet MISTER has had a terrible month.  We have had him in and out of the hospital because his rear leg began to swell.  After about a week, we decided we had better get him back into Dr. Jennifer Au to see what the issue was.  The morning he went in, he suddenly became lame in his front leg.  We had also noticed a definite shift in his chipper personality over the past couple of week.  He did not want to be loved on and was very anxious.


Dr. Au and Dr. Rissetto at CVRC both looked at Mister when he arrived.  We have had so many cancer patients fall ill recently that I felt confident the swelling was from his lymph nodes that had become enlarged and they were blocking the normal flow of blood.   I was not prepared for what they found out.


Mister had a terrible infection in his rear leg that was in the joint.   He had to go into surgery to have the joint tapped and the fluid removed and sent out.  We got the results for his infection and started him on an appropriate antibiotic.  Before he went into surgery, extensive x-rays were done to determine if there was anything abnormal to be seen.  They found multiple   Liposarcoma which is cancerous.  They also found more Mast Cell Tumors.  


I was prepared to cut the tumors out and be done with this.  Unfortunately,  the Mast Cell Growth had infiltrated the ligament and tendons of his leg with minimal margins.  The only real option was to remove the leg or remove the ligaments which were not an option for me.   Mister was not a candidate for that radical surgery.    The biopsies were sent out, and once we got the results, I knew we had gotten to the end of the road as far as the cancer was concerned.


I know ya'll are sick and tired of hearing me say Quality of Life over and over again but that is what has to always be at the forefront of our Care for these precious Souls we have taken on. I decided he would not have any further surgery for cancer and I would not do chemotherapy.   What I am doing is surgery to tap the fluid in his rear leg and treating him with antibiotics.


Mister is doing fantastic with this protocol.   We have done two surgeries to get rid of the fluid and the second one had very little liquid, and the infection was almost gone.  He will have to continue on his antibiotics for two more weeks, and then he will go back to the hospital to confirm the infection is gone.


This sweet boy is comfortable and back to his happy go lucky self.  He is not limping, loves his hugs and walks.  We want our pups to feel as good as they can with the Medical Conditions they have.  When their Quality of Life is not there, we embrace the inevitable and say Good-Bye without them suffering.  


Sadly, we already know that Mister probably only has a couple of months left.  I wish someone had stepped up for this beautiful big-hearted dog.  He is now in our Hospice Program and will remain with us until his time comes.  His Home is with us.  As good as we are, nothing can take the place of a real Family for these Innocent Souls.


We have some of the most amazing dogs you will ever meet. Please, consider adopting one of them before their time comes.  We have given them the Gift of Life, and now they need the Gift of a Loving Family.  They might not be perfect, but each one has suffered beyond measure.   We work with adopters every day to find the best fit and NEVER put a dog in a home we do not think is good for the dog and the Family.  We also take all of our dogs back if it does not work out.   Please, open your Heart and Home to one of these unique, special pups.


Go to our Petfinder page or click on Adoptable Pets on our site and pick one you want to love and cherish until their time comes to say good-bye.  We also have pups like Rhythm and Blues that have nothing wrong with them that will live out their entire Life with you.  These two are Skittles pups that have since passed.   Help Us, Help them by Adopting.


We have lots of medical bills for Mister that we now have to pay.  Please, Donate toward his Medical Bills so we can continue his care and give him the best final months he has ever had.  Thanks for caring about our Pups and being there for them and us.   Warm hugs and much love to each of you.   You are the Heartbeat of Noah's Arks Rescue and are cherished and loved as much as our pups are.


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