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MISTER (Staffy Terrier)

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ORANGEBURG, SC.....With all the good in the World, there seems to be more hardship and suffering for Man's Best Friend.   The Holiday Season is not always a Joyous time for everyone, and sadly they take it out on the elderly, children and animals.  Please, be Mindful of your Neighbors and offer Help and Friendship during this time of year.


We were contacted by a Rescue that has a Violence Prevention Education Program.    One of the Participants made them aware of a dog that was on a three-foot chain that was beaten daily for being excited about attention.   They got the dog signed over to them, but sadly it was discovered the dog had large tumors on his legs.   The Rescue did not have the funds to take on his medical needs and did not want to hand him back to the Owners only to have him euthanized which is why we were contacted.


Mister is a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier that is around four years old. The test shows that his tumors are Mast Cell.  Poor Mister has had a horrible life on a chain with no Love and these tumors growing.   Mister should have a great Life once we get his Medical Issues taken care of and clean margins when the tumors are completely removed.   He LOVES everyone he meets which is amazing since he has not had much human interaction.  He also loves other animals.  He is a fabulous dog that did not deserve the Life he has had.


We are beyond full with Medical Abuse cases. Our hearts are far bigger than our Wallets but there was no way, I could allow this beautiful dog to go back to living on a three-foot chain on rocks and mud.   We seem to be taking in a lot of other Rescue's animals that have taken them on but are not doing the Medical.  This is not fair to the animal or US. We are not responsible for everyone else's animals, but it sure seems like that lately.  


Please, DONATE whatever you can this Holiday Season.  Save a Life instead of buying a present. Go without a Starbucks for a couple of days.  If we each do something, all of the Abuse Cases we take in will get the Medical Care they need.  Don't forget to use our E-Cards to let your Friends and Family know you saved an animal in their Honor.  The Gift of Love and Life is the greatest way to show people you Love and Care.


Happy Holidays......Warm hugs and much love.....Jennifer

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