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MAE WEST (Beagle)

Latest Updates

Beautiful Mae West is stealing all of our hearts. How anyone could drop her off to be put to sleep is beyond comprehension. This sweet dog is perfect in every way.   Mae West is a people pleaser from the minute she wakes up.  If she thought laying on her back for belly rubs was a job description, she would apply.   


Mae has not had any further issues with her intestinal obstruction. Our girl loves to eat, and I am sure the minute a full bowl of food was put in front of her, she ate every last morsel without a second thought.  Unfortunately, all that kibble began to swell when she started drinking water, and that is when she began to bloat.  Once the original Rescue realized what was happening, they made the right decision by giving us a call.


Mae has been out of the hospital and at our Rehab facility for the last couple of weeks recovering.  All of her bloodwork has stabilized, and she has been approved to have a slower kill method of killing her heartworms.  She will have her first Immiticide injection in one week, and then we will wait a month before we do another injection. She will be on prednisone to control the inflammation caused by the heartworm die-off and will be closely monitored.  


When Mae West first arrived she did not want to go on any walks. She needed to lose weight, and the extra exertion caused her to be short of breath. She is now able to go on walks and feels like a different pup.  To say we think she is a fabulous pup is an understatement.  We love and adore her fabulous loving Spirit. Everyone is her best friend.  The minute she sees a dog she is not sure of, she rolls over on her back, and all is good with the World.


We are used to Beagles that bark from sun-up to sun-down.  This adorable pup does not do any of that.   Normally, walking a beagle takes all day because they want to sniff everything.  Not this special girl.  She has her nose in the air and keeps on moving which is so strange given she is a full-bloodied Beagle.


We love all of our special pups, and Mae West is no different. We are going to complete all of her Heartworm treatment and then she can be placed in a special home.  If you are looking for an older gal that acts like she is a young pup, then put in an application for this special girl.  She will win your heart the minute you meet her.  

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