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MAE WEST (Beagle)

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POLKTON, NC......Beagles, Beagles, Beagles.....It appears to be raining Beagles that are all being discarded because Hunters have decided they no longer have any value.     It happens in every breed, but the hunting breeds appear to be carted off to shelters in large numbers to be put down for no other reason other than they are old.   The sadder fact is these dogs are not that old and have lots of years left to enjoy running around and playing.  Most of the ones we see have had little to NO medical care, their bodies are riddled with tumors from over-breeding, teeth are rotten, and their overall health is in decline.


There are a lot of Beagle Rescues out there for this very reason, but very few can take on major abuse and neglect cases because of financial constraints.    We barely got Jack on the road to recovery when we got another call to help a beagle that was discarded and is bloated with an obstruction.   She was at the vet but needed to get to an ER facility, or they were going to put her down.   It is another example of not having time to say NO since the sweet girl would die if not treated immediately.


We said YES and had Mae West was immediately taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists where they were waiting for her arrival.  Mae is around eleven years old and was bought from a hunter by a hunter that was selling a pack of beagles he no longer wanted.   The only way the hunter could get the dogs he wanted was to take the entire pack.   The Beagles that were not wanted were immediately taken to the shelter to be euthanized.   Mae West drew the short straw since she was the most critical.  


We were contacted when it was discovered she was bloating.  Mae was throwing up and had foam coming out of her mouth.  She was rushed to the Vet where they did x-rays and saw all of the food in her bowels that was not passing.  Our Contact then rushed her to CVS in Matthews where it was confirmed she was bloating.  No tumors or objects were seen on the x-rays that could be causing the blockage.  Mae was admitted to the ER where she was put on fluids and drugs were given to help the food pass through her system.


Luckily, the food began to pass in the next 24 hours, or they were going to have to go in and surgically remove whatever was causing the obstruction.   The ER Specialists believe Mae was given a full bowl of food when she was first picked up.  She ate too much, too soon and caused the blockage since no foreign objects were discovered.


That was the beginning of Mae's Journey on a long list of Medical Conditions that now have to be addressed since we have gotten her through the bloat.  Mae's teeth are in horrible condition.  The abscessed ones will have to be removed.  Our sweet girl is also high heartworm positive and has to be seen by a Cardiologist.  The list of ailments goes on an on.


What isn't wrong with Mae is her joyful personality.  I don't think I have seen a sicker, happier dog.  In Mae West land, Life is always Good.  She was given this name because of her buxom chest and infectious personality.  Everyone loves her, and she loves everyone.  We now have to get her well.  Beagles can live a very long Life when they are nurtured and loved.   


We are determined to give Mae West her Life back so she can be around for lots of years to come. With your Help and Generous Support, we can do that.  Please, Donate toward Mae's Medical bills. We got behind, the minute the word ER and several days crossed the Surgeons Lips.  Please, Donate whatever you can to dear Mae West.   We need this girl to be around for a very long time surrounded by people that love and adore her.

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