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RUBY (Chihuahua)

Latest Updates

Sweet Ruby has made progress healing from her hernia surgery but is still having issues with her skin.  This tiny pup has been dealing with skin issues for most of her Life.  Prior to us taking her into our Rescue, Animal Control had been treating her for almost a month to get her skin issue resolved.


It is a long process of healing from the infection she had developed from lack of Medical Care. Demodex takes a while all by itself, but when you add flea allergies and skin infection, it changes everything.  Ruby is finally getting hair back on her body but still has lots of areas that cause her excessive itching.  We have to keep her collar on at all times or she will start scratching and will not let up until she has removed a layer of skin.


When Ruby first came to us, she was petrified of men.  She would try to bite any man that came near her and would run with Holy Terror. We have finally gotten her comfortable with men and everyone that she comes in contact with. She is cautiously optimistic every time she sees someone coming over to pick her up.   She will slowly walk up to them and always be prepared to run away if she gets a bad feeling.  Once she feels comfortable, she will allow them to pick her up and slowly nuzzle.


This may not seem like a lot of progress, but for Ruby it is remarkable.  We were not sure she if she would ever get comfortable with anyone holding her.  The Hospital where she was for her surgery was afraid to pick her up because of her biting.  I think Ruby had been kicked and hurt so many times that it became part of her normal daily Life.   Between of her skin issues and the physical abuse she endured, it is a Miracle she is alive.


Ruby is going in for more skin scrapes this week.  We are hopful they will come up with something to help with her itching.   It has improved a lot but is still bothersome to her. Itching keeps your nervous system on Red Alert all the time.  We need to figure out the underlying cause so we can get it resolved.   


We LOVE this tiny Angel that no one wanted to help.  She was like a broken bird when we got her, and now she is becoming the beautiful dog she was always supposed to be.  Thanks for caring and helping us with her continued Medical Care.  Your Support is greatly appreciated.


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