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LOLA BEAN (Dane Puppy)

Latest Updates

What a difference a day makes when it comes to a starved dog.  Every day means one day closer to the nightmare being over.  Lola Bean has finally reached a point where her weight is increasing without any danger of Refeeding-Syndrome.   She has gained fifteen pounds since she came to us and looks fabulous.  


The best news is that she has enough strength and energy to jog around our Rehab Center inside, following our Techs when they do their rounds.   She is happy and sweet and loves all of the attention.   It is incomprehensible how anyone could have ever allowed her to get into her emaciated state.  Lola Bean is perfect in every way and loves playing with the other dogs in our care.   


The only issue we have been dealing with since the beginning is she wants to chew on her tail.  We did surgery this past week to amputate six inches of her tail in hopes that would stop her.  Two inches of the tail had been mutilated so badly that it would not heal.  We had hoped a clean amputation would feel better and remove the urge to chew, but that has not happened.  Cones, bitter sprays, you name it, we have done it.  


We now have to contemplate removing more of her tail so she cannot get to it.  We are going to give her another week before we decide.  Many emaciated dogs chew on whatever they can get to when they are starved.  They usually go after feet and tails; breaking the cycle is hard once they get well.   Lola Bean is giving us a run for our money with her determination to get to the tail.  We are about as stubborn as she is, so she has met her match with us.


We have lots of great applications for this sweet pup.  This week, given Lola Bean's history, a decision will be made for the best match.   We hope those that are not chosen will consider another dog from us.  We have some fabulous dogs that have waited years to be adopted.


Thanks for all the love and support you have given Lola Bean and all the other pups at Noah's Arks Rescue.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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