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LOLA BEAN (Dane Puppy)

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CHARLESTON, SC.....Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) contacted us about a starved Merle Great Dane 13-week-old puppy.  Lola Bean was starved and could not stand or walk.  She was almost dead when she came in the door.  Extremely lethargic, her legs were swollen, anemic, she had terrible long bone pain, and her abdomen was hard and distended.  Her new owner said she got her a week ago and was sick when he got her.  He would not tell CVRC where she came from, only that he tried to get her well, and she got worse.


CVRC contacted us to see if we would consider rescuing her, knowing that all the money we would initially spend might not save her.  We agreed, and they immediately started giving her a transfusion.  The list to save this sweet baby was getting longer as the Critical Care Team got all of her electrolyte and blood values back. Once I agree to take on an animal, I hand over the medical care to the Specialists.


Lola Bean's skeletal body is beyond anything you could imagine.  She is starved to the point that you can feel the blood pumping through her veins.   Her heart feels like you are holding it in the palm of your hand when you are holding her.   I was shocked when I saw Lola Bean for the first time.  Her pictures in no way portray how emaciated she is.  To euthanize this precious puppy after what she has endured would be a tragedy.


I was prepared for Lola Bean not to make it through the night.  I received updates on her all through the night.  She made it, and her values improved with her blood transfusion.  Unfortunately, she still could not eat and needed to be scoped to see if they could remove what was in her GI system.   After much discussion, they sedated her enough to get out what they could by scoping her stomach.  What they removed appeared to be parts of a towel.


The saddest part of all of this is removing the obstruction was only part of the problem with her being so sick.  We now had to address everything else going on.  It has been three days, and our precious pup has still not walked.  Her pain level is through the roof, even with pain meds on board. Her Critical Care Team and Radiologist have decided to treat her for Panosteitis, a painful inflammation of the outer surface or shaft of one or more long bones of the legs. It is sometimes called Growing Pains. 


Lola Bean began to improve, but unfortunately, she developed Aspiration Pneumonia from her procedure. It seems like we take one step forward and two steps back.   Always remember, Lola Bean is not being kept alive with machines.  We are supplementing her body to give her what she needs to fight starvation and growing pains.  She can give up whenever she wants, and we will let her go.   We will not do any life-saving procedures to bring her back.


This precious pup wants to live, or she would already be dead.   We are nurturing her with loving care and medical support.   It took almost three days before Lola Bean opened her eyes, and we could see Life returning to them.   We are a long way from saving Lola Bean.  The good news is that we are progressing and believe our plan will eventually get her walking and eating.   Her pneumonia slowly resolves with antibiotics, and she only has a slight cough.  


Please, DONATE whatever you can so we can save this precious puppy.  Lola Bean didn't ask to be born and given a Life-Sentence of suffering.   She must be given a chance to survive her cruel, heart-breaking beginning.   If she does not survive, she will know we did everything possible to save her and will know unconditional LOVE.   She will cross over, knowing she matters.



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