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CHEROKEE (Red Pitty)

Latest Updates

Our dear boy, Cherokee is making remarkable progress.  He is one of the happiest pups.   I believe in my heart he knows his Life was spared because we fought to keep him alive. While everyone else was fighting to kill him, we wanted to give him a chance at living a Life full of Love and Compassion. Every dog we rescue has medical and emotional issues because of their abuse.   Our experience has shown us that dogs can overcome much hardship when they are treated with unconditional Love and Respect.


We have been bitten and attacked more times than we care to mention.  All of the dogs we take on are scared when they first arrive.  Even the sweet ones are fearful of new surroundings because of the abuse they have endured. We give each one several days to relax and calm down before we do any introductions.   They are put in runs that do not have any dogs next to them but they can see the dogs and what Life is like at Noah's Arks Rescue.   After observing for several days, they usually want to join in on the fun.   


Each dog is treated differently based on their anxiety level.  One thing never changes, they are each surrounded by people that love and adore them.    We do not Judge or discount how they are feeling.  All we can do is give them the space they need to relax and eventually they come around.   Each new dog is in a quarantine area for two weeks to make sure they do not have anything contagious that could endanger our other dogs.   After two weeks, they can join the packs or be next to other dogs.


Cherokee came to us as a happy dog that wanted to play non-stop.  He loved all of the interaction and hated it when we left his run to play with other dogs. In the beginning, he would howl until one of us came back to him.  He soon learned we were not going to abandon him and if he relaxed and chewed on his bone, we would come back and play when it was his turn.   During all this time, he was getting lots of walks and time to do his business if he was able.


Royal Canin donated a lot of GI food to help Cherokee use the bathroom more regularly.   We started out expressing his bladder and bowels and over the past two weeks, we have noticed him posturing and using the bathroom on his own.   Over the last couple of days, when we try to express him, there is nothing to express.  He has begun to get back some of his Anal Tone which is something they said would not happen.   


I am a big believer that we do not know all there is about paralyzed dogs and what is possible.   We see Miracles daily and believe anything is possible if you give a dog a chance at a new Life filled with Love and Support.   Dogs are Lovers and Pleasers.   That is what they want to do from sun up to sun down.   If you are happy, they are happy.  


Cherokee has not shown any residual deficit while going on walks.  He was very wobbly in the beginning but is now much stronger.   We do not let him take off and run but he should be able to in the next couple of weeks.   With the warm weather, we have taken out our infamous blue kiddy pools they love and adore.  Cherokee was mesmerized by the water and the fact he was allowed to get in the pool.  He was not sure what to do but eventually, put his head under the water to cool off.


Every day is a new adventure for this very special boy.  He arrived not able to use the bathroom and had to compensate.  He lost all feeling in his tail and has adapted much better than we had expected.  We are very hopeful for this amazing dog but will love him just the way he is, if his improvement is temporary.    I think Cherokee would make a fabulous pet for someone that has a yard and can take him on long, relaxing walks.   He loves everyone and leans in for a big kiss and hug all throughout the day. 
If you think Cherokee might be perfect for your Family, please drop us a note and we will answer all of your concerns and questions.


Sadly, very few people Donated toward Cherokee's Medical bills.   Too many people were wrapped up in the DRAMA with the Shelter and the other Rescue they forgot about the Dog.    We post facts and focus always on the welfare of the animal.  We do not get involved in bad-mouthing anyone.  All we care about is honoring what we agreed to do which is to Love and Care for the animal we agreed to help.   If someone does not hold up their end, an animal is NEVER in danger of being euthanized.   They are ours no matter what surrounded by people that Love and Adore them.


Please, Donate toward Cherokee and all the other pups we send around.  We are 100% donation based and we survive on your generosity.   We can only save abused animals when we get donations to cover their medical bills.   Any amount is greatly appreciated.   Thanks for caring about Cherokee and all our other pups.


On another note, Luke has gone to his Forever Home.  We are working with the Officers investigating Luke's Case to ensure they have enough information to convict the people that did this to him.   Luke has to have another prosthetic made since the ones we have, have not proven to be effective.   His new Family will bring him back to us when Derrick is back in town.  I am gathering pics with his new family to post this weekend.  Luke loves his Family and they adore him.  Life is good in Luke's World.

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