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SNOW (Pitbull)

Latest Updates

Adorable Snow is slowing healing from her massive surgery.  This poor pup was knocked back a lot after her bowel obstruction surgery and is slowly starting to put weight on.  It is a slow process, but she is finally able to hold food down which was a problem right after the procedure.  With the Holidays, it took almost three weeks for us to get her mass biopsy back,   The results were inconclusive, so they went back and dissected more of the mass to break it down further.  It shows that she has stage I Fibrosarcoma.  This type of cancer is very slow growing in dogs which leads us to believe she is older than we originally thought given the size of the mass.  We think her age is closer to around six years old. 


There is no evidence of metastatic disease.   A large area of Snow's lip was removed along with the mass.  The margins are as clean as they could be given how much of her mouth was removed.   Normally we would consider Radiation for this type of tumor but are not going to at this time given her emaciated state.   Snow needs time for her body to heal and build up her immune system.  She is closely monitored for any signs the mass is growing back.


Our top priority for this sweet pup is to give her as much Tender Love Care as she wants.  She has just gotten where she can get out and play with some of the other pups which she loves.  Her favorite thing in the World to do right now is eat and have you wrap your arms around her and love on her non-stop.   If it were up to her, she would be curled up next to you with your arms wrapped around her rubbing her body all day long.  She never tires of the loving touch of Humans.


Snow is one of the sweetest, most gentle pups.   She lights up a room with her beautiful face the minute she walks in.  Everything about this wonderful dog spells LOVE.    We have not had any issues with other dogs with her. Since she was starved, we do not have any food in the area where the dogs are playing to make sure she does not become protective of her food.  Snow is always fed in her kennel so she can relax and enjoy her meals without the stress of another dog around.


We have some wonderful dogs that each need homes.  Snow is just one more special girl to add to the list of amazing dogs that are waiting patiently for their Family.  

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