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MISTER (Staffy Terrier)

Latest Updates

MISTER did well with all of his Surgery. His biopsies came back Mast Cell as we had anticipated.  We got clean margins but could not get big margins and we would have liked because of where the tumors were.  There is not a lot of extra skin on the legs of dogs.  The bigger the tumor, the harder it is to close the area once the tumor has been removed.   Sweet Mister had some large tumors that we were able to remove but couldn't remove as much skin as we would have liked.


Our Oncologist, Dr. Claudia McFadden thinks Mister will do fine without any Chemotherapy or Radiation.  The one thing we do have to look out for is if he starts to grow more tumors.   We will then come up with a different plan.  For now, this beautiful boy is loving Life and glad to be out of the Hospital and at our Rehab Facility where he is getting Therapy and Wound Care.  


Mister is a wonderful Staffcy that is big and beautiful. We are teaching him some much-needed manners since everything with him is go and go faster.  Once his legs heal, he would make a great running dog for someone that loves to Jog or Hike.  


It is hard to believe Mister was confined to a 3 ft chain that did not enable him to move around.   He loves affection and will smother you with kisses every chance he gets.  Right now, he will do everything possible to get you to play with him.  We have to keep him occupied with non-destructive chew toys and make sure he gets lots of exercise each day.


Dear Mister is one of the lucky ones that got off the chain and got the Medical Care he so desperately needed.  This Holiday Season, show love to a dog that has been tied up all their Life.   Let them know they matter by giving them a special bone or treat they would not otherwise have.  A lot of Owners are clueless how inhumane this kind of treatment is.  As far as they are concerned, a dog given food and water is a Lucky Dog.


A lot of Suicides happen during the Holiday Season.  Please, be mindful of your Neighbors and Friends.   The grass is not always greener on the other side.   Until you have walked in someone else's shoes, you do not know how they feel.  Holidays are about giving, not getting.  Give the Gift of Life to an Animal or a Family in need. 


We are blessed with your unconditional Love and Support and give Thanks every single day for our Noah's Arks Rescue Community. If ever you are down or depressed, go to our website and look at all the dogs that were saved because of your Generosity.   Each Story is unique and full of Hope. Life is better for each animal we have taken in.   The unconditional Love and Support they receive gives them back their Lives.   Man's Best Friend has been a Dog for as long as I can remember.   I have shed many a tear in the fur of an animal, and many a tear has been removed by big sloppy kisses.


We are here every day of the year looking after these beautiful Pups.   The Sun is always shining even on our darkest days.  All we have to do is look in their eyes, and see the Soul of an Angel that never gave up.   Warm Hugs and much Love to each of you.


Have a very blessed Holiday Season.

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