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Annabelle is slowly improving.  She has gained less than a pound since last week.  Sweet Annabelle is still in danger of Re-Feeding Syndrome, so we must be careful with how much food she gets.  Too much and everything backs up, and she can only get more food once it passes.   Annabelle gets lots of small special meals that her body can tolerate.   We get the maximum amount of calories in each serving.   Annabelle would take down a whole bag of food if given the chance.  She is also not able to process kibble at this time. 


The best news is she is strong enough to take daily walks, which she loves.  We have two giant cast iron dog statues on each side of Fetch Mkt., which Annabelle is fascinated by.  She initially feared them but now bops them on the nose each time she passes which is adorable. Annabelle's walks are critical for her to build up the muscle mass that she lost.   She also burns many calories, but the payoff is critical to her recovery.


You would think with all of the abuse and neglect dear Annabelle has endured; she would be cautious of people.  She is as innocent and as trusting as a baby.  In the beginning, all Annabelle wanted to do was sleep.  Eating was all she had enough energy to do.  Her bed was her Sanctuary; all she wanted to do was lay there all day and sleep with blankets surrounding her.


Now, she wants to sleep briefly, get out, eat, play, and walk.  She is also becoming quite demanding about the above happening on her timetable.  It does not matter what else we have going on. She has found her voice and is not afraid to use it.  We find all of the above quite delightful for such a tiny, emaciated pup about as thin as an animal could get without dying.


Annabelle has a very special demeanor and a love to nurture and care for.  Her personality is starting to bloom into a magical creature we love and adore. Our special girl will be with us for quite a while during her healing people.  We cannot even think about adoption until she is well and not in danger of any side effects from her neglect.  Once she has healed, we will look at all the candidates and decide which Family would be best for Annabelle.


In the meantime, we must stay on top of her care to ensure she does not go backward in any area.  Just remember that no news does not mean it is bad news.  It just means we have 35 other dogs we care for that also need our attention, and Annabelle is moving forward at a languid pace. 


Thanks for caring about her and all the other pups in our care. Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

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