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CHARLESTON, SC....Sweet Annabelle is one of the most innocent pups you will ever meet.  She is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois puppy. Someone starved her almost to Death.  On a scale of 0-9, zero means you are dead, Annabelle is a 1.  She should be 50+ lbs and barely weighs 20.  Someone left this dying, emaciated pup in the parking lot of Charleston Humane Society.  CVRC was contacted for help, and they contacted us.


There are so many things going on with this precious pup from being starved that there is no use in listing them all.  She is being closely monitored for Refeeding-Syndrome when an animal's organs have already begun to shut down from lack of food and water.  Until her organs slowly return to life and function normally, we must adjust her meds based on her values.


We rescued Annabelle on Tuesday morning.  Charleston Animal Society said they would probably euthanize her based on her condition, which is why we took over her care.  CVRC Critical Care Team has taken over her care.  They have been working 24 hrs a day to do what they could for her to survive.


I did not want to send a desperate plea if I did not think we could save her.  I needed to know if she had the Will to Live or was past that point. I get desperate pleas daily for animals I know are nothing more than a poster for a group to get funds that will never be used to save the animal.  I was rescuing Annabelle to give her a chance at Life, and if she passed, she would not be alone and would know Love. If our precious girl had passed, I would have told each of you about her Life from the moment we rescued her until she crossed over.


The animals we rescue become Family to us from the moment we save them. They are not a dollar sign or a poster to get more funds. They are living, breathing animals that deserve love and unconditional care.  No animal should be treated the way this precious pup has been treated.  How anyone could look at her and not scoop her into their arms and run for help is beyond me.  


After lengthy daily discussions with her Medical Team, I am cautiously optimistic we can save Annabelle. Last night I approved her to have a live donor transfusion instead of packed cells. Annabelle was cross-matched, and a Donor was located.   Everything going on with our sweet pup meant she would benefit from live donor blood. She is a little perkier and more alert than the previous day after her transfusion.  It was the right call to make.


Saving Annabelle is not going to be a few days in the ER.  It will be weeks of Critical Care until her body can take over.   She is not on Life Support.  We are not keeping her alive with machines.  We allow her body to wake up with supportive care until it can take over.  Annabelle can give up and die at any time.  As of this morning, she could stand alone and give kisses briefly.   She is more alert now than she has been all week.


Her body has to have time to rest and heal from the horrible, unforgiving neglect and abuse she has endured.  I am shocked she was alive when she was found.  It would have been only a matter of time before her Will to Live would not have been enough.  The best news is that she is in the best hands, and there is nothing we will not do to save an abused dog fighting for its Life.  


With your Love and Support, anything is possible.  Please, Donate toward Annabelle and give her the Gift of Life.

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