These incredible little pups and their Parents have been sicker than we could have ever imagined.  They have all been in and out of ICU since we rescued them weeks ago.  All of the puppies broke with Parvo.  As soon as we would finally get one feeling better, another one would break with it and crash on us.  It has been a nightmare and a gut-wrenching couple of weeks.  The last one that is still not out of the wood is BART.  There were so many times that we just knew this was it for him.  It didn't seem to matter what we did, his little body just couldn't fight what was happening.  The last ditch effort was to give him a transfusion to see if that would give him the strength to pull through this.  I am happy to say, he is still with us and is even beginning to raise his head up a little.  Parvo is hard to beat for a healthy pup but almost impossible if you are emaciated and your immune system is terribly compromised.  This morning, Mom and Dad are feeling much stronger.  We feel like we can begin treating the skin problems for them and support their immune system in the process.  Lisa, Milhouse & Bart are still too sick from the Parvo.  We are hoping the worst is over but then we thought that last week and that was not the case.   I am still glad we stepped up for this Family.  They would not be here today if we hadn't.  We desperately need funds to help with their medical bills.  One pup is bad enough but 5 extremely sick ones that have been in ICU is through the roof.  All of the dogs have to remain in the hospital until they are strong  enough to fight everything that is going on in their systems.  They will easily be there for several more weeks.   I have uploaded pictures of all of them so you can see just how sick they are.  The pictures are not even close to how bad they are in person.  There is no excuse for anyone allowing this to happen to this adorable little Family.  Each dog is very tiny and helpless.  Please, help us with their continued care and all that we have already done to save them.  Hopefully, they will be getting on the other side of this soon.  I will breathe a big sigh of relief when that happens.  Right now, we are still holding our breath.

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