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TUCKER (Husky)

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BURGAW, NC.....I am always shocked by how someone can pay thousands for pure breed pups but the minute the puppy gets hurt, they will not pay a penny to get them the medical care they need to get well.    Adorable Tucker was brought to Pender County Animal Control after being picked up in a ditch injured with a broken femur.


The owners were contacted, and they did not have the funds to get the puppy fixed, so they signed him over to Pender County.  It was during this discussion with the Owners they mentioned the puppy was left outside, and he somehow got hurt.  There is a record of them taking Tucker to the vet but not getting the injury taken care of.   Now they are saying Tucker got out with his broken femur and managed to walk to an area far away and must have fallen into a ditch.  During this episode, he must have been attacked by a dog because he has bite marks all over his head.  This family has to be right at the top of the list for irresponsible people.


This adorable four-month-old Husky is as sweet and as adorable as can be.    How anyone could let this happen is beyond me.   We had Tucker taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC where they determined Tucker must have been attacked by a dog and that is how he got his injuries.  Because of his head injuries and coming in with a head tilt, Tucker had to first be seen by Dr. Bergman in Neurology.  We did an MRI to determine if Tucker had any head or neck injuries that we could not see because this sweet puppy appeared to be in a lot of pain. 


The MRI showed he has some fractures of his mandible (left side), zygomatic arch (bone below the eye) on the opposite side of where the eye is swollen.  Molar on the lower jaw is damaged and will need to come out due to damage.  The fractures appear to be non-displaced and are healing because they are old injuries.  There is swelling in the muscle on the head which is probably the source of his pain.   All of this information tells us this little puppy has been terribly neglected and abused.


Once Dr. Bergman did his exam, poor Tucker was seen by Dr. Michelle Nanfelt for his broken femur.  Everyone agreed we needed to get him stable and comfortable before any surgery could be done. After several days of stabilizing, Sweet Tucker was finally ready for his original surgery.   What should have been a pretty routine procedure became a lot more complicated when Dr. Nanfelt got in and realized this was an old injury that had started to heal in all the wrong places and had lots of scar tissue that had to be dealt with.  Dr. Nanfelt worked tirelessly for hours to give Tucker the best chance possible to walk normally again with this leg.  Tucker has been in a lot of pain and is on very strict exercise while he recovers.


Sweet does not begin to describe the amazing personality of this beautiful Husky pup.  He has won the hearts of everyone looking after him.  Once Tucker has recovered from his procedure, he will be as good as new and will be able to go back to being a normal puppy with lots of boundless energy.


The Parvo pups are each doing well in their recovery.  Every penny we get seems to be going into their constant care.  We have approx. four more weeks before they can be out of quarantine and off their meds.  Please, DONATE toward Tucker's Medical Bills.  We need all the help we can get to keep this Ark afloat and keep helping abused animals.

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