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ELLA (Rottie Mix)

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GREENVILLE, SC....So many of the pups we rescue are wonderful dogs that need to be given a chance to heal and find the perfect home.   Ella was one of those amazing dogs that were abandoned without giving her a second thought.   Spartanburg, SC, picked up Ella as a stray and brought her to Greenville County Animal Care Services, where she was evaluated. They were calling her Estall, and we changed her name to Ella.


Her medical report noted she was having difficulty going to the bathroom.  An x-ray showed that Ella had a foreign metal body in the fundus of her abdomen.  They also discovered she had rocks in her colon.  Eventually, Ella passed the objects with medication, but her anus and vulva were genetically abnormal.  They were too close together and anatomically causing her much distress.


I received a note from GCACS begging for help with dogs scheduled to be euthanized. Ella was one of the dogs on the list. Ella was a six-year-old Hound/Rottweiler Mix that weighed almost 90 lbs.  I sent a message saying I would take the worst case that no one wanted.  They came back saying Ella was going to be the first to go.   It didn't matter to me why no one wanted her.  All I cared about was that she would get a chance to heal whatever her medical issues were.


Ella was brought to CVRC in Charleston, SC, where Dr. Patti Sura took over her case.  Dr. Sura reviewed all of Ella's medical reports and decided they would need to do a Cat Scan to see precisely what they were dealing with.  The Cat Scan showed Ella likely has a congenital malformation. There is no evidence of communication between any digestive/reproductive/urinary tract.  


Ella's most significant issue was that her tail pointed downward into her genital area.  That was affecting her Quality of Life and not allowing her to go to the bathroom without complications and persistent infections.  Dr. Sura went over every possible scenario, and in the end, the best case was for her to do a total tail amputation.  She would have to surgically remove every part of the tail as if Ella never had one.  Tail amputation would allow Ella to use the bathroom without the tail blocking her ability to defecate.


Poor pup has lived with this condition her entire Life.  Ella has had two months for her nether regions to heal, and so far, she has not had any complications.  Once the hair has fully grown back, you will never know the difficulties she has had.  Her rear end is already looking like a regular dog.


We have no clue where Ella lived the first six years of her Life.  She has obviously been in a home sleeping at someone's feet since she is fully house-trained and loves the companionship of humans and other dogs.  The highlight of her day is playing fetch and getting lots of hugs and kisses.   Ella is the perfect Family Pet.  She loves everyone and is a big goofball.   Please fill out our Adoption Application online if you think she would be suitable for your home.


We have also shaded out the photos of her nether region.  You will have to click on those photos if you would like to see what surgery was done.

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