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Hardship comes in many forms, but the cruel form that dear Layla had to endure is beyond unimaginable, and she did it with a SMILE. Layla was happy and smiling from the moment we rescued her.  Her cancer had taken a toll on her body.  Having a place to get out of the heat, food whenever she wanted it, and a comfy bed were her top priorities.


Unconditional Love, she had with the Homeless man and then with us.  Love was not something she lacked.  Layla was one of the most lovable pups you would ever meet.  She loved everyone she met and stole their hearts the minute she smiled.  Her cancer was painful and debilitating.  It had an ugly side to it that every time she got a big hug, it would send off a histamine effect that would cause her Mast Cells to degranulate.  


If you looked at a scientific paper on what happens when Mast Cells degranulate, you would think an army of invaders was attacking a Third World Country. The devastation that is set off in a body with this many mast cell tumors is beyond debilitating.  When Layla would have one of these attacks, she would be down for days recovering.  She would have to be treated with pain meds to compensate for the damage that was caused. 


I wish I had known about Layla sooner.  I would have done anything to have gotten to her when she first became sick.  Layla had someone that loved her and did his best.  I am forever grateful for that simple act of kindness.   


Layla crossed over The Rainbow Bridge after her body reacted so violently that there was nothing we could do to relieve her suffering. We brought her back to our Rehab Facility from CVRC, which immediately put a smile on her face. The minute Layla walked through the door, she smiled.  She was Home. She knew I would do whatever was needed to relieve her suffering.  


I called Dr. Marikay Campbell at PRVH and explained that it was time for us to say goodbye to one of the bravest dogs we had ever met. I hated to say goodbye to Layla more than you could imagine.  Doing this post brings it all back.  I knew this day was coming when I rescued her but was not prepared for how hard her passing would be.  Layla passed away on the 4th of July.  Today was the first day, I found the courage to do her post.


I hear people say every day, but she was "Just a Dog."   Layla was Family, just like all the other beautiful pups we save. They become part of us the minute we rescue them.  When I knew we were helping Layla cross over, everyone got to give her lots of Hugs.   We could not hug her before because it would stimulate her Mast Cells to degranulate.  We could give her kisses and pats in places she did not have tumors but no big hugs.  


Layla Smiled as she was crossing over The Rainbow Bridge.  Tonight when you look up at the Night Sky, you will see stars in the shape of a smile. That is our big beautiful girl smiling back to let us know she made it and all is good with the World.  Layla is officially Home.


Thanks for giving Layla the medical care she needed to live the few months she had left surrounded by unconditional Love and Care.  We knew she would not be with us long but did not know such a big piece of our hearts would go with her. Thanks for giving Layla the Gift of a Cherished Life.

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