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ANITA (Chihuahua)

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Life is never easy for gunshot victims.  Sweet Anita is no exception.  The sound of a car back-firing, fireworks, and thunderous noises put fear in this sweet pup that is written all over her face.   The bullet in her brain gives her a cautious attitude, and her loss of clear vision in her one eye makes her unclear of what is ahead.


Pure Joy comes to the face of Anita when she hears the voice of someone she has met that she is comfortable with.  She will bark and jump up and down until that person comes to pick her up.  In her scattered way of walking, if she is outside and hears your voice, she will work diligently to get to your side where she feels safe.


We have each bonded with this extraordinary girl and hold her tight every time she is in our care.   If she is in her kennel, everyone stops to hold her close and give her lots of love which she soaks up.  When I am in my office, I will let her curl up next to me on the couch while I work. You can hear the relief in her breathing when she finally lets out a breath of air so long, you are sure she has been holding her breath.


Anita is not mentally sound like healthy dogs but is perfect in every way.  She has learned to adapt her weaknesses, so they work in her favor.  She does not waste time cowering in a corner or running away from something that scares her. She has learned to run toward someone or something that brings her PEACE.  It could be a person, a bed or a kennel that calms her fears.  This beautiful pup that no one wanted has endeared herself to everyone she meets.  We are the blessed ones for having her in our Life.


The massive seizure Anita had a week ago has not happened again since we started her on seizure meds.  She is not lethargic on the meds but has a sense of calm about her that tells us her brain is responding well to the drugs.   We are hopeful the bullet fragments will not move and will remain encapsulated where they are so they can do no more hard. Anita is one of the luckiest pups because she should not be here today.  She is here because she fought the worst odds and LIVED to move on with her Life.    


We do not know how long Anita can live with the bullet fragments in her brain but are hopeful; she will get the chance to live out her natural-born Life until she is old and gray.  Anita will always need our prayers and love because of her circumstances.  She is the Hero, and we are the lucky Souls that get to love her.  Thanks for giving her the ultimate Gift of Life.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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