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ANNA BELLE (Boxer Mix)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that after lots of Rehab, beautiful Anna Belle is ready to be adopted.   She had some massive injuries that caused her to have a plate put in on one back leg, and the other, she had to have FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery.


When she first got to our Rehab Facility, she did not want to stand up at all.   She hurt everywhere from being hit by a car.   After the first week, she started taking steps very gingerly.   She mostly wanted to sit down and be loved.  Who could blame her after all she had been through.   Her second week, she started walking more but did not have much energy.   The third week is when she began to gain some of her strength back and felt more confident moving around.


Having surgery on one leg is bad enough.  Having surgery on both rear legs is very debilitating.  It usually takes dogs a couple of weeks to realize they can use their legs.  The good news is that no matter how bad they feel, it is still better than having two broken legs and pelvis. 


Through all of this, Anna Belle has been nothing but a delightful, sweet pup to work with.  She has the best disposition and wants to do nothing but please anyone she is around.  She loves all of the other pups at the Rehab Center and would run and continuously play if we allowed it.   She can finally play with the other dogs and loves going on walks.  She has started to regain the muscle she lost from lack of use and is starting to look like a pup that had not had major surgery.


We now feel comfortable taking applications for beautiful Anna Belle. Both of her surgeries were a big success and saved her Life. She would have been euthanized if we had not stepped up and gotten her the medical care she needed.  We are way behind on Donations for Anna Belle.  We have not even raised enough to pay for one of her surgeries.  Please, Donate toward her Medical Cost so we can help more dogs like Anna Belle get the surgery they need when no one else steps up to save them.


If you think she would be right for your Family, submit an application immediately to be considered for her.  If you wait, the chances are she will be gone. Thanks for caring about Anna Belle and all the other pups in our care.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


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