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GREENVILLE, SC..........Sweet BAMBI is  7 year old Pure Breed Great Dane that was turned into Greenville County Animal Control because the owners said she was not housebroken.  They no longer wanted this sweet girl.  She came in almost 40 lbs. underweight, has a terrible burn that has been infected for some time on her rear leg, a tumor on one of her front legs and her hip is either dislocated or has a fracture or both.  We are now in the process of finding out exactly what is wrong with her hip.  She was too underweight when we got her to do any sedation on her.  She was 70 lbs. when she first arrived at Greenville County.  She is now 85 lbs. since we have had her and she is finally stable enough for us to do surgery on her.  She should be around 120 lbs. so she still has a ways to go.  During the interim we have been treating her burns with extensive wound care and laser treatments to get her skin to granulate.  It has finally begun to do so.  The picture above is after three weeks of constant care.  Bambi is a wonderful dog that loves people but is unsure of other dogs.  As she heals, we will have her thoroughly evaluated to see how well she gets along with other dogs under normal circumstances.  The tumor on her leg is very similar but not as large as the mass we removed from Tinkerbell.  Once the tumor is removed and the biopsy is done, only then will we know what we are dealing with.  If her hip is out of joint or if she has a fracture, she will be transferred to a specialist to have her surgery done there.  She has been in the Veterinary Hospital and will remain there until she is well enough to be transferred to the surgical facility.  The Doctor’s do not think she has a problem with housetraining.  They think her hip is what is causing her to have accidents because it hurts her to move.  Even as emaciated as she is, she is still a massive dog.  Now that she is feeling better, she is letting all of the technicians know that she is deciding where she wants to go and they can come along or not.  Bambi is a wonderful dog that we will never know what happened to her.  Somehow she got burned terribly on her leg and her hip is injured because she was either hit by someone or by a car.  The person that had her did not care about her health or safety.  We do and we are going to do everything we can to get her well so that whatever years she has left will be pain free in a loving home where she is cherished and loved.


BAMBI is still very underweight but is slowly gaining at a rate that will give us the best possible outcome for her.  She had her surgery and we are still waiting for her biopsy to come back on the mass we removed from her left shoulder.  Her teeth were in terrible shape and were cleaned during her surgery.  The burn on her leg has begun to granulate and not look like such a raw sore.  We did x-rays on her hips and think the problem is from an old injury that was never repaired.  It has caused her to have early arthritis on both sides.  It makes her a little uncomfortable but surgery was not recommended since her only option would be a total hip replacement.  We are trying her on Adequan Injections to see if that gives her some relief. Her spirits are great and is ready to leave the hospital.  She will be ready to leave this week if the sore on her leg fills in more and is not draining.  She is a wonderful girl that will make a great companion for someone that is used to large dogs.


Bambi’s biopsy came back and unfortunately, the mass we removed was cancerous.  The good news is that we got all of it and the margins around the tumor are clean.  The big issue we are dealing with now is the burn/sore she had on her rear leg we did a culture on and it came back for MRSA.  We have started her on an antibiotic to get rid of the MRSA.  The problem with all of the medicine related to MRSA is that it is terrible on the kidneys.  She is being closely monitored and test are done often to check her levels and make sure we are going in the right direction without doing any damage to her organs.  Bambi is little stir crazy while at the hospital and because of the MRSA she is not allowed to be around other dogs.  We are in the process of finding a foster for her where she can run in an open area that is familiar with the protocol and does not have any dogs at this time.  Bambi is slowly getting her weight on feeling great.  She is a beautiful Great Dane that is getting more beautiful with each day.


BAMBI is doing wonderful and ready to be placed.  She would do best in a home without other dogs.


BAMBI is getting better every day with other dogs.  Her wonderful Foster Family has worked tirelessly to make sure this happens for our dear girl.  One thing has not changed and that is how sweet Bambi is.  She loves everyone and being part of a Family is important to her.

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