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Sweet BENNIE is a two year old Pitbull that was picked up by a Good Samaritan in Cuthbert, Georgia.  He was found down a dirt road in terrible condition.  He is skinny and covered with bite marks on his face and legs.  It appears he has been used as a bait dog.   After getting Bennie, we soon discovered we were dealing with a dog that was terribly sick.  His bloodwork came back that he was slightly anemic but nothing terrible.   We started treating him for his injuries, an Upper Respiratory Infection and parasites.  Bennie was eating and slowly getting better but not great.  Suddenly he began to hemorrhage and throw up blood everywhere.  He and everyone else was covered in it.  We got him stabilized, sent some more bloodwork off and started testing him for a lot of unusual bleeding disorders.  We gave him a transfusion and kept him comfortable with a morphine drip while we waited for the results to come back.  We got the results and it showed that our sweet Bennie has BABESIA.  Babesia is a protozoal parasite, similar to malaria. It invades the body's red blood cells and can cause high fever, bleeding, and anemia. Sometimes liver and kidney failure also occur. Babesia infections can be difficult to treat.  Once infected, getting rid of every last Babesia organism in the body can be difficult.  Bennie has all of the signs including a very high fever.  We have spoken to the specialists in North Carolina that deal with this more often than most states.  We have finally found the medicine along with lots of antibiotics to get this sweet boy better.  It is no surprise that Pitbulls get this more than other breeds.  They are forced to live in terrible conditions and do not get basic medical care.  We are in desperate need of funds for Bennie.  We have already tapped into everything we have to keep him alive.   We do not turn our backs on an animal that is fighting to be here.  We will do whatever we can to save him but now we need your help.


Bennie has certainly had his ups and downs over the last couple of weeks.  We have him on his new medicine and now we are just going to have to wait and see if this knocks out this horrible parasite.  We will not know for several months if Bennie is going to be able to get rid of this but we are going to do everything we can to save him.


Sweet Bennie is still being treated.  He is holding his own and is improving slightly.  That is a giant step for this wonderful boy because he has been up and down for some time now.  For him to be stable is wonderful.


Sweet Bennie is still not doing great.  The good news is that he is not hemorrhaging anymore and is atleast holding his own.  We are doing everything possible for this wonderful dog.


I wanted to let everyone know that Bennie has taken a turn for the worse.  We are giving him a new protocol and he is getting a transfusion today.  If we feel that everything we are doing is not helping Bennie then we will not allow him to suffer.  Right now he is comfortable.


It is with unbelievable sadness I have let everyone know that Bennie passed away this morning.  He was resting on a big pillow surrounded by people that adored and loved him, when he peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  He must have know that I was willing to do anything to save his life and he didn’t want me to do any more.  He was one of the sweetest dogs you would have ever met.  He was 100% love and gave and gave unconditionally.  A thousand tears have been shed for the sweet boy that never got a chance at having a home where he was loved and cherished.  We gave him the best we had and it just wasn’t enough to save him from all the abuse he endured as a bait dog.  Bennie will be terribly missed.  People wonder why I help so many pit bulls that have been abused as bait dogs, it is because of dogs like Bennie.  HEAVEN got an Angel today and his name is BENNIE.

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