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Bitsy is a sweet six year old boxer that was picked up as a stray in Camden, SC.  According to the people that reported her, they said she had been running in their neighborhood for about a year with the tumor and no one ever stepped up for her.  This time when they saw her she had blood all over her leg and decided she needed to be picked up.  Given her condition, Walter Crowe Humane Society was going to put her to sleep because no one wanted her.  They had contacted the boxer rescue and they said they would not take her unless someone else paid her bills so they said to put her down also.  I have a big problem when there is a place for an animal to go and someone will not at least let the dog live out their life in a warm home.  It does not cost anything to show an animal love and compassion.  If we all waited until we had the funds to help an animal, then none would be helped.


Bitsy has a large tumor on her abdomen and a small one on her teat that bleeds all the time.  Her blood work and urinalysis both came back terrible.  She is very anemic and her urine is too diluted.  We have done further bloodwork and urine tests and are waiting for the results to come by to see if we can figure out exactly what is going on.  Her large tumor is the least of her worries right now.  She is a great dog.  We just love this big girl.  Even at six, she is still a beautiful animal.


We are planning on giving her a transfusion on Wednesday if her bloodwork does not improve.  We will not remove the tumors until we get her stable and build her immune system back up.


Bitsy’s blood levels are coming up and she is feeling a lot better.  As soon as we have her stable, we will be removing her tumors.


Bitsy’s bloodwork has improved dramatically.  We will be removing her tumors this coming week.  She is doing great.


Bitsy has finally had all of her tumors removed.  You can tell by her tail moving that she is a happy girl that is ready for a wonderful new home..  She is doing great and will make a wonderful member of the family.


Bitsy has had all of her surgery and is ready to go to a wonderful new home.  She is a sweet older Lady that is so gentle and mild with everyone.  Please, let us know if you are interested in this wise beautiful dog.  We just adore her.


Bitsy is still looking for that special home.

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