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BOBO (White Boxer)

Latest Updates

SPARTA, KY.....It appears Beautiful Bobo has not had a good day since the day he was born.   He is eight years old, and his Owner signed him over saying he was missing for two days and when he returned he looked like this.   We each know that is not what happened to this sweet boy.   He has had a Life of Hell for the past eight years.


We were sent several e-mails begging us to help the terribly abused white boxer named Bobo in Sparta, Kentucky that no one was willing to help.   We spoke to the person that had sent the original plea around to get as much information as possible on whether he was up for the long Journey.  He had been to the Vet and was in bad shape from sheer neglect but should be able to make the trip.


We sent a Plea around begging for help to get him to us as soon as possible.  Several people offered assistance later in the week, but Bobo needed out NOW.   Everyone involved worked all through the night responding to people until we came up with a plan.  He started his Journey to us Yesterday.  We had three wonderful transporters, Julie, Tonya and Tommy along with our Contact person, Lisa from the Shelter.    Each leg of the trip was an adventure for Bobo.  He had been in a cold shelter with no one around to love on him.  He was now free and had people that loved and cared for him along the way.


Bobo arrived at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center at 12:49 AM this morning.  We had a full ER Team waiting for his arrival.   Bobo could barely stand but was happy to be where he was.  Everyone was excited he had finally made it.  He had arrived at the place where he could finally get the help he needed.


The ER Team got him comfortable and started doing his Medical Work-up.  Bobo was in late-stage Kidney Failure and had a raging Kidney Infection.  His potassium levels were extremely elevated which explained him wanting to drink water all the time.  He drank freely on his Journey to the ER.  He was immediately put on fluids to help him with his kidney values.  He was also very anemic, and the fluids should help him with that along with a transfusion if his values did not improve.   Bobo had terrible skin infections, and his mouth had lots of small masses that looked like tumors.


The ER Team worked on him for most of the night to get him comfortable and stable.   He was wagging his tail at times and was happy to have all the love and attention he was getting.   Bobo got up to drink water and sadly went into Cardiac Arrest and died instantly early this morning.  An animal with as much going on as Bobo was given a Do Not Resuscitate Order because of Quality of Life issues.  We would not put him through anything that would cause him more pain and suffering.   If he passed, we would let him cross over and ease his suffering if that was required.


We didn't get the outcome that we wanted but we did give Bobo a Journey of a Lifetime with people that loved him.   That was enough for this sweet boy.   He did not die alone in a cold dark shelter.   He found Unconditional LOVE on his final day.  My only regret is that we didn't find him sooner so we could have Loved him longer.  


Tonight when you look up into the Midnight Sky, look for the brightest Star that is moving slowly across the Heavens.  That would be Bobo enjoying his new found Freedom and Perfect Body.   You are finally Home sweet boy and will forever be part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.


If anyone would like to Donate toward his ER Hospital Visit, we would greatly appreciate the Support.   Thousands of dollars are spent getting an animal stable and doing supportive care and testing when an animal first arrives at the ER.  The bills are the same whether the animal lives or dies.  Our ultimate goal is to give the animal the best possible care no matter the cost.   We did everything we could for Bobo.  Sadly, we were too late to save him but not too late to Love him unconditionally.

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