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It is with incredible sadness and a very heavy Heart that we had to say Good-Bye to sweet Caleb.  Since he left ICU in Charleston, he has been getting thinner and thinner.  He was able to keep food down for the first couple of days and then he started regurging food again.   The last couple of days he has been miserable.  Caleb was no longer a candidate to have another surgical procedure because of how he reacted the first time the device was put in.  His stricture was too far down his esophagus to be effective.   I decided this morning to give Caleb his best day ever.  He was to run and play to his heart's content and then he was to be given his favorite food of hamburger.   Right after his meal this afternoon, we helped him cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in Rescue.   His quality of Life was no longer there, and I could not allow him to suffer any longer.   The decision was made strictly on his medical condition.  His aggression issues did not play into my decision at all.  


Humanity was not good to this amazing dog.   He endured unimaginable suffering at the hands of Dog Fighters.   I never gave up on Caleb.  I did everything to give him the best Life possible surrounded by people that loved him unconditionally.    In the end, I loved him enough to say Good-Bye.   Caleb is now free to be a big beautiful dog that is finally free of all the medical limitations he had while he was here on Earth.  


Tonight, before you go to bed, look for the brightest star and say a prayer for our Dear Caleb.  He is finally free to be a Dog.   He will forever be a big part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.   He is now in charge of watching over all of us with his big beautiful Angel Wings and his amazing Heart filled with Love.

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