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CAROLINE (Chihuahua)

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STATESVILLE, NC.....Caroline is an adorable tiny 7 lb chihuahua that was picked up as a stray and brought to Animal Control.  We were contacted right after she arrived due to the severity of her Medical Condition. This tiny Angel has teeth that are so severely damaged that she developed an abscess that erupted directly below her eye socket. Caroline is in unbelievable pain and has suffered for what appears a very long time.


We agreed to take her and had her taken to CVS in Matthews, NC where she had an extensive Medical Work-up.  Caroline has what appears to be early signs of kidney disease, but that is not her primary issue.   Her teeth and the infection she has in her mouth are the worst we have seen in a long time.  Her mouth is filled with rotten, broken teeth that have to be removed or this tiny pup will die from the infection.


Once Caroline was stable she was transferred to a Veterinary Practice where they could do a full dental workup and then do surgery to remove the damaged teeth and repair any gum area that had become infected.  Sweet Caroline cried all the way to the hospital.  The pain in her mouth had gotten entirely out of control, and no amount of pain meds we could administer would help her.  We were so thankful to have found someone that could take her right away.


Dentistry on Dogs and Cats has become a Speciality all by itself. The problem is there are not a lot of places that do the procedures. Carolina Vet Specialists (CVS) does not have a Dentist at the Matthews location which is why she had to be moved.    We brought her back to the Lowcountry where we knew the Vets that would help us get her seen quickly.


Once Caroline recovers from her Dental procedure we will address her kidney issues.  Caroline was dehydrated when she arrived, and that could be the reason why her kidney values are so abnormal.  We have not noticed her having any problems.  This sweet pup I was shocked to hear was Heartworm Negative and had been spayed.   How do you take care of these issues and not give the dog something to chew on so her teeth do not rot and become infected.


The minute Caroline's damaged teeth were removed, she felt better.   It was like she went into surgery feeling one way and came out a new dog.  When she first arrived, she hurt too badly to be held.   She now wants to spend every second in our laps or right next to one of us.   I keep expecting her to be in some pain from all she has been through but she is not.   She is a happy pup that is celebrating her new Life, pain-free.


Caroline does not look like an eight-year-old dog.  The only sign she is older other than her teeth is the grey hair she has on the top of her head.  She is a beautiful tiny chihuahua that is perfect in every way.  Caroline will make the perfect pup for anyone that is older and wants a little dog to lay at her feet or in her lap. She is a tiny Lovebug in every way.  If you think she would be right for your Family, please fill out our Adoption Application online or book an appointment at our Rehab facility to meet her.


We have so many new pups in the ER scheduled for surgery that I have to space out when I post for them. Please, Donate toward Caroline's ER and Surgical procedures so we can help more abused animals like Caroline that are neglected and then abandoned.


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