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CHARLIE (Chihuahua)

Latest Updates

Charlie has amazed us all with his Will to Live. This tiny chihuahua was viciously attacked by a rottweiler and lived to tell the tale. The fact she is still alive is a testament to how much she wants to be here. The surgery went better than expected.   All of the broken, mangled teeth were removed, and her upper jaw was removed to her nose.  Her nose does not have any boney structure to hold it in place.  The fistula on what remains of her hard palate is slowly closing.  


Sweet Charlie will have to breathe through her mouth from now on since very little air will go through what is left of her sinuses.  Charlie is lucky she has any hard palate left.  What is left has begun to granulate and form new tissue which enables her to breathe and eat without further complications.  She is having no issues breathing from her mouth only.  She had already adapted before we rescued her.


Removing her mangled front leg was the last thing we had to do for this little Angel.  She had begun to drag the leg around, which was preventing her from walking normally.  As you can see in one of our videos, Charlie is now moving around like she has been a tripod for quite a while.  Soon she will be running non-stop.


For now, we are hoping all the surgery we did for Charlie will prevent her from needing further procedures.  The only unknown is if the fistula does not close in the roof of her mouth.  We believe it will but are closely monitoring it.  Charlie can eat soft food with added water without any complications.


Sweet does not even begin to describe this adorable pup.  Her funny nose is something she has learned to push out of the way when she eats since it hangs down.   All the food she is eating is helping her gain back some of the weight she lost after the accident.  Charlie loves other pups and is enjoying being around them.  Soon she will be able to run free to her heart's content.  Life is Good for Charlie.


Life is not Good for Noah's Arks Rescue since each pup cost us way more than the donations we get in.  Please, Donate toward Charlie and all the others so we can keep saving Abused Animals.  I know I sound like a Broken Record, but these are the times we are living.   Too many abused, neglected dogs that want nothing more than to be loved.  Loving is Free, but doing their Surgeries and Rehab is not.  Please, do whatever you can so we can keep saving Abused Dogs.


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