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CHESSIE (Shih Tzu)

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It is with great sadness we have to let you know that dear CHESSIE has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.  This exceptional girl came to us with nothing to live for.  We hoped that we had gotten her in time to turn her Life around for the positive.  Sadly, all the Love she received was not enough to counter the Lifetime of neglect and abuse she had endured.


We had her scheduled for surgery when she suddenly started to have heart issues.  We immediately had Dr. Jesty do an Echo and full Cardiac work-up to make sure she was sound enough for the procedure.  She was approved to go forward.  The surgery was put off for a day to allow her body to stabilize.


Sadly, Chessie quit eating and refused to take in any nourishment.   To proceed with surgery meant we were going to have to put in a Feeding Tube.   I took some time to look at what was going to be accomplished by proceeding with the surgery.   I then weighed that against the time dear Chessie would have left and decided her Quality of Life was not going to be what we wanted for her.


Surgical intervention would take care of only some of the breaks she has, but it would also cause a lot of downtime this special pup did not have.   I was committed to not doing anything that would not enhance her Quality of Life.   By the end of the day, I knew in my Heart and Soul, the greatest Gift for Chessie was to say Good-Bye and let her continue on her Journey with her beautiful Angel Wings.  


Rescuing Abused Animals takes Courage and Strength to know when an animal has had enough.   Our ultimate Goal is Quality of Life.   That is always our Number One priority.  We do not focus on money or the time they have left.  We put all our attention on what their Quality of Life would be like for the time they have left.


Chessie knew Love from the short time she was with us and was ready to leave this World.   We didn't get the outcome we so desperately wanted for her.   Chessie knew she mattered to us from the minute she was Rescued.  She had a Lifetime of Neglect, but when it mattered most, we reached in to save her and gave her Comfort during her final days.


Tonight when you look up into the beautiful Night Sky, look for the biggest Star that casts her glow all across the Heaven's.  That will be Chessie in all her Glory.  She is finally Home.

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