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Latest Updates

I am so happy to report that sweet Cookie is doing well.   She has had a tough week.   Her surgery was quite extensive and caused her to have lots of regurge for the next five days.  Her stomach has finally settled down, and she has begun to gain her weight back.  We are still taking it very slow, so she does not develop Re-Feeding Syndrome.   On Monday, we were able to do the surgery around her neck.  There was a large area where the skin was so infected that it had to be removed.   We have posted lots of pictures that are quite graphic.  When we did the second surgery, there was some irregularity with Cookie's Heart.  We had her checked out by a Cardiologist and an Echo done to find out if she has any underlying problems.   It appears the loss of weight has put a strain on her heart that should stabilize over the next month.   She is closely monitored to make sure the issue goes away and will have another Echo before she goes to California in three months.


Cookie feels so much better, and her sweet personality has begun to come out.   She is the sweetest girl you will ever get to meet and love everyone.  As bad as she was feeling, she never missed the chance to give out lots of kisses.  This amazing dog is a real heartbreaker.  How anyone could have ever allowed her situation to get as bad as it was is horrible.   There is no excuse for stupidity.   The good news is that she loves her Guardian, and he will be taking her to work every day once she can leave the hospital to make sure nothing ever happens to her again.   He will be retiring in June, and then he and Cookie will join his Family in California.

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