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CUPCAKE (Pitbull)

Latest Updates

Nothing prepares us for losing a dog suddenly, without warning.  Our beautiful, sweet Cupcake crossed over the Rainbow Bridge during the night.  She was approved to have her spay surgery yesterday.  The procedure was unremarkable, and she did great under anesthesia.   She bounced back without any issues.   We kept Cupcake at the vet instead of bringing her back to our facility for safety reasons.  We keep all of our pups at the vets after any procedures.


Sometime during the night, our dear Cupcake passed away. Cupcake had been running around, playing and loving Life the day before her procedure.   She was one of the happiest dogs that enjoyed being with us.  To say we are devastated is an understatement.  We are in total and complete SHOCK. Everything was done correctly and by the book.   Cupcake's spinal issues should not have had any bearing on her spay.


Cupcake had already been anesthetized when she had an MRI, and she did not have any complications from that.   We will probably never know what happened to this beautiful dog.  What we do know is that she was LOVED from the minute we rescued her until she passed.  Her Life with us was full of Joy and Excitement.  Look at the video of her running around playing with all of the pups, and you will see pure JOY.


Life in Rescue is hard on everyone.  Losing any of our pups takes a toll but losing one so full of Life is heartbreaking. Cupcake was with us for almost a month recovering from her neglect and abuse.  She must have known her time with us was going to be short because every second of the day she loved and played non-stop.   Every dog she met, got a Kiss.   Every person she met got a Smile.   Cupcake showed us every day, how happy and loved she felt.  She finally found the unconditional Love she had been searching for with us.  We loved this wobbly, bubbly pitty pup more than you could ever imagine.


Life will not be the same without her in it, but Life goes on.  Our hearts are heavy, and many tears have been shed.   When we open our eyes, we get to see all the Souls we still have at the Rehab Facility, and they are our reason for moving forward.  Each one of these beautiful, magical pups has a piece of our heart, and they need us now.   We pick ourselves up, open our arms wide and embrace the beauty and joy in all the Throwaway Pups that we are so fortunate to have in our Lives.  We are the Lucky ones, and we know it.


Tonight when you look outside, the sky will be brighter and the stars will be abundant.    Cupcake is lighting up the Heaven's with her beautiful smile and bubbly personality.  I can see all the pups running up to her now just as they did at Noah's Arks Rescue.   Everyone loves Cupcake.


Fly high beautiful girl.  You now have your golden Angel Wings and get to look after us.  You will forever be part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  Forever Loved and Cherished.

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