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DAISY (Chihuahua)

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Sweet Daisy has stolen each of our hearts.   How anyone could have thought more of having puppies to sell than taking care of the Mother of those puppies is something we see daily in this Country.  The quality of care in Puppy Mills and with Back-Yard Breeders is no better today than it was ten years ago.   It seems like we take one step forward, only to take two steps back.  People and politicians move on the other causes of the moment, and the animals they were supposed to save are no better off.


We see so many dogs like Daisy that have been bred to Death. Spaying and Neutering your pets save the lives of unwanted puppies that are euthanized by the thousands daily in Shelters across the Country.  It also is the best chance of avoiding mammary gland cancer in female dogs.  Litter after litter of puppies is good for no one, especially the Mother of these puppies.


I believe in Miracles daily.   Dogs with Cancer that should not be here are living a beautiful Life with Cancer.  We know their time will come but are surprised each week how well they are doing.  Some we do chemotherapy on and others we do only holistic medicine. Each Cancer patient we have in our Hospice Program gets a synergistic blend of herbs daily.   Never count these pups out or give in to their dire prognosis.  


Oncologists make predictions, but in the end, Quality of Life, Holistic Supportive Care, and unconditional LOVE enable more dogs than you could imagine live years past their diagnosis. My dear Gus died unexpectedly after having surgery and finding out he had stomach cancer. He was loaded with tumors, which I know did not grow over-nite. He probably had Cancer for years before he was diagnosed, and his health and quality of life were amazing.   


Daisy is still healing from her tumor removal and blood-transfusions. Each day she surprises us with how much energy she has and how her Will to Live.   It takes a big heart to adopt a dog from our Hospice Program.  Only those we feel have longer than weeks are allowed to be adopted, and they need to live close by us.  We have six dogs in our Hospice Program that we spend countless dollars on and hundreds of hours each week to give them the Best Life they could ever imagine.   


No money is ever spared for medical care and surgery. If they need surgery to remove a tumor or growth, it is done.   If chemo gives them more pain control, we do it.   Hospice does not mean we sit back and watch our pups die.  We fight for them as hard as we fight for each of our pups, young or old.   We are now fighting for Daisy.  Our goal is to get her healthy enough where the next most invasive tumor and lymph node can be removed.   Her blood levels have improved significantly, her incision site has healed beautifully, and her infection is gone.   Daisy is winning in so many ways.


We are doing more x-rays and diagnostics to determine the value of more surgery for this adorable pup. We are still paying off her surgical and medical bills and have more coming in daily.  Please, Help Us, Help Her by DONATING.   For some reason, our Cancer Patients are the ones that get the least amount of funds. I am always personally having to pay off their bills.  Don't rule these pups out. They have each endured unimaginable hardship to be as sick as they are. Give them the same Gift you give all the others, the Gift of Life.  


I also wanted to thank our fearless Staff that gives their all to saving these amazing dogs. I took them out for dinner last night to Celebrate their unwavering commitment to all of our pups.  Getting them together after a hard day at work is almost impossible since all they want to do is go home and sleep so they can get up early and do it again. Our Staff and the Pups are the Heart and Soul of Noah's Arks Rescue.  For them and you, I am forever Humbled and Grateful.  Your Love and Support makes all of this possible.   


Have a very blessed Holiday Season filled with much Joy and Laughter.

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