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DAISY MAE (Boston Terier Mix)

Latest Updates

It has been a month since we rescued tiny big-eared Daisy Mae.   I am happy to report that she has recovered from her previous surgeries and can undergo her femoral head ostectomy (FHO) procedure to remove the head of her femur.   That will be the final surgery this beautiful pup will need.


Sweet Daisy Mae has had a hard time during her recovery because she was so thin when she arrived.   She did not have any extra cushion to support her broken body, so every break was felt throughout her entire body.   Every move she made was slow as molasses and most days she did not want to get up to even go outside.  We would pick her up with the utmost care to make sure we did not cause her any undue stress or pain.


Dogs that are as broken as Mullet and Daisy Mae have to be on a different protocol than animals that have only one break.  They need to be kept comfortable but not so sedated they are constipated from the meds.  Once that happens, we have created a condition that causes them further pain and complications.


Daisy Mae was in such a hyper-sensitive state that she did not want to be touched much less picked up to go outside.  Early on, in her recovery, I decided it was best to not put her in a kennel at night.  I wanted her to be able to roam around freely if she chose to.    We had her in a small enclosure in our Training Room with all the comforts of home and room to roam with cameras monitoring her every move.


The first couple of days she would not get off her bed during the night and rested comfortably.  By the third day, I noticed on the cameras a little body walking all over the large Training Room which is covered with rubber flooring for safety reasons.   Prior to Daisy Mae getting up, her surgical site was very swollen which was to be expected.  Warm compresses and icing helped only slightly.   Movement was the only thing that would help her swelling.


Over the next couple of nights, she would get up and roam all over the room.  We had four beautiful padded beds for her to use that would require her to go from one area to the other.  I watched her use them all.   This was my version of Physical Therapy that did not get her anxious.   She could get up to go to the bathroom and was allowed to free-roam.  This was the best Physical Therapy we could have ever asked for.  


By the fourth day, Daisy Mae's swelling had gone entirely, and she was ready to join the other dogs outside.   It was amazing the difference the night-time made in her recovery.  She controlled how much she walked and was glad to see us the following morning.   It was on the fifth day, we decided she needed to be put in a run at night since she had started to chew on the wooden blinds for FUN.


Our beautiful girl will have several weeks to recover from her FHO surgery and then finally have a chance to be a regular pup.  We have never seen her run or even walk fast because of all her breaks and procedures but we know she will eventually be able to.  What started out as impossible, now looks possible for this special pup.


We did not even get enough Donations  to cover her last surgery and are already in the hole with this one.  Please, DONATE toward Daisy Mae's final surgery, so we help more pups that have been severely neglected and abused get the necessary surgeries they will need to Live a normal Life free of pain.  Thanks for caring about Daisy Mae and all of the other pups we take on Daily.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


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