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NOTICE...We apologize for not being able to post updates or post for new dogs.  Our NAR website was Hacked two weeks ago, and the entire site quit working properly.  Very few donations came in, and people that were able to donate were not getting confirmations from us or Thank-You notes.  We got hundreds of e-mails asking what was going on with our site.  Once we realized what was happening, we shut down the areas where you could donate.  To say this has been upsetting is an understatement.  We lost our ability to do updates and add new animals.


In fifteen years of saving animals, I have never had to deal with anything like this.   Why anyone would want to get into our site is beyond a mystery to me.  We save Abused Animals, and the funds we take in are desperately needed for us to do that.   Several new Firewalls have been added.  No Donor information is EVER saved on our site.   The problem was not private information but someone changing programs that enabled us to do what we do.  We have tested the site, and it appears to be working fine.  If anyone has any issues Donating or they do not get confirmation on a Donation, please, drop me a note, and I will forward to our Web person that is on top of the issue. 


STATESVILLE, NC.....Sweet DALLAS is a five-month-old Rat Terrier Mix that was turned into Animal Control.    The owner said she was going through a divorce, worked twelve-hour shifts and did not have time for this young puppy.  When Dallas was brought into Animal Control, there was no mention of him having any lameness or problems with his legs.  Once Dallas was thoroughly evaluated they discovered he had probably been hit by a car and the owner did not get him to the Vet for any treatment.   We had him taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC where it was discovered he had an old front right radial ulnar fracture.   This tiny nine-pound puppy had been running around with a broken leg by her ankle with no one giving it a second thought.


Dr. Michelle Nanfelt was consulted to see what could be done since the injury was an old one.  We scheduled Dallas for surgery to have the leg repaired and a plate put in.  Because of the location of the fracture near the wrist area, tiny Dallas would have to be in a spoon splint for quite a while to make sure it heals properly.  Dallas's surgery went great, and he is finally on the mend.  Since he was used to using the leg with a break, having it repaired and finally free of pain has been a big relief for this adorable pup.


Dallas has the face of a tiny Akita with short hair.  He is cute and adorable and loves every dog he meets.  He will play from sun up to sun down with his spoon cast on.   He runs like the wind without a care in the world.   Dallas is going to make the most amazing Family dog.  He is young, sweet and loves to play and then curls up for a nice nap regenerating himself for the next play session.


Please, Donate whatever you can so we can cover the surgical Expenses for sweet Dallas.  We have lots of Medical Bills coming in daily for the Parvo Pups that are still in quarantine.  They are each doing wonderful but sure are a lot of work to stay on top of their skin issues.  Thanks for all the help with our Abused Animals.   Please, remember that if you do not get a receipt or Thank-You not from us to let me know.

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