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Sweet Delilah was picked up as a stray in Harnett County, NC.  She was a 10-year-old German Shepherd with the sweetest disposition.   The minute we were asked to help her, we stepped up and said yes.  We tried as best we could to get her out over the weekend but could not.  On Monday, we sent a paid transporter to pick her up and take her to our vets in Columbia.   When she arrived, we immediately knew she had to be taken to a Critical Care facility which we did.   Delilah was sweet and loving and seemed to be glad to be out and free.


Once she arrived at the facility, everyone jumped into action to find out what was wrong with her and what we could do to get her well.  Her bloodwork came back that she was bleeding from somewhere and needed a transfusion.  She had blood in her urine and was covered in urine.   She had been that way all through the weekend.  The staff in ICU gave her a nice warm bath which she thoroughly love.  Someone cared about her, and she knew it.   Her ultrasound and x-rays came back that she had bladder cancer, and one of her kidneys was destroyed from it and not functioning.  The other kidney was barely functioning.  After talking to all of the Specialists to make sure, I had looked at all of her options, I made the hardest decision of all.   We said good-bye to sweet Delilah this morning.   We didn't know her long, but we knew how Special she was.  She mattered to us.   We cried for all the time she was alone in a kennel  suffering with no hope in sight.  We cried for all the time she was alone, wandering with no one to help and comfort her.   We cried and are still crying because we couldn't save her.   For the briefest of Moments, we loved and nurtured her and then we loved her enough to stop her suffering.  


Delilah was like a lot of animals we see and rescue that are older and have been discarded like an old shoe for a new model.   I love my old shoes.    If you have an older dog that is suffering, DO NOT ABANDON THEM.   Be the Friend they have been to you for all those years.   Have the Courage to take them to your Vet or call anyone to get them help, so they Do Not Suffer alone.   It is weak, selfish, COWARD that turns their back on an animal in need.   Animals Love Unconditionally, and they have earned the right to be unconditionally LOVED for their entire Life.   Not just when they are healthy.


Delilah was special and mattered to us, which is why I wanted all of you to meet her.   Tonight, when all the stars are out, look for the brightest one and say a prayer for sweet Delilah.  She is finally free and no longer suffering with a smile on her face because she mattered and was loved in her final hours.


Any Memorial Donations will go toward paying her bill while in ICU.

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