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It is with incredible sadness and a sense of loss that I have to let you know that our Gentle Giant Dozer crossed over the Rainbow Bridge around 6:00 this evening.   After talking to all the Specialists, we had decided the only way to relieve Dozer's pain was to do palliative radiation on the tumors near his scapula.  The pain meds were not working, and radiation was his only option.  I had a cat scan done on Monday so radiation could begin on Wednesday.   This morning I spoke to the Radiologist, and he let me know that Dozer was not doing well.  He was very unhappy and did not want to eat or stand up.  I knew then, I had to get this sweet boy back to us.  He had let me know that he was not up to doing the radiation and that he had gone as far as he could go.   We brought Dozer back to CVRC where everyone knows and loves him.  I was there when he arrived.   He stood up and walked to the cart we use for larger dogs.   We had a room all prepared for him where he could relax, and I could get a feel for what was best for Dozer.   He was so happy and relaxed that he ate and drank to his heart's content.  After about an hour, I knew being away from us was the worst thing in the World for Dozer.   The problem was that the tumors were on nerves that were causing him terrible pain.  It was either do radiation and relieve the pain or say good-bye.  I made the hardest decision possible and chose what was best for Dozer.  For the next hour and a half, Dozer stretched, ate sausages, drank water and got the most amazing massages.   He did not have a care in the World and it showed all over his body.  He was so relaxed and happy that I knew this was the right decision.   When Dozer fell asleep and started his blissful snore, we said Good-Bye one last time and watched him peacefully cross over the Rainbow Bridge.    With tears still rolling down my face, I knew I loved him unconditionally to the end.  I loved him enough to not allow him to suffer any longer.  


Dozer's Journey did not end tonight.  He will forever live in all our hearts and be a part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.   When the clouds blow away, and the stars come out tonight, look for the brightest star and say a prayer for Dozer.  Our Gentle Giant has his Angel Wings and can run and play and be a DOG that was cherished and loved by all.   Thanks for making his amazing Journey possible.

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