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Elsa, Gemmi, Cassia, Sam & Pepper

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Elsa, Cassia, Gemmi, Sam & Pepper have crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.


This past month has taken so many of our beautiful pups that I decided that Heaven must have a shortage of Angels.  Our most recent loss was of our dear Pepper that crossed over late yesterday afternoon.  


We know when we reach our arms out to save an Abused Animal they will not be with us as long as we would like.  A short Life with an Angel that has waited all their Life to be loved makes every second matter once we take them into our Rescue.   They could live a day, week, month or years.   Whatever time they have with us, is cherished.  They are our very special Borrowed Angels that one day will return to Heaven.  


Sweet Elsa crossed over several weeks ago when she got out of her yard for a brief second and was hit instantly by a car.  She died in the arms of the Family that loved and adored her.  She was rushed to the Hospital, but she was already gone, and no amount of tears or love could ever bring her back.  Her loss will be felt for years to come because she was so young.  For a three-legged little girl, she sure could run and loved every minute of every day.  We have each had to console the Family and ourselves over the loss.  Some pain never seems to stop but looking at Elsa's dear smile and big bunny rabbit ears,  you can't help but smile.  


Up until a month ago Dear Cassia, Zoe as her Family called her was doing amazing on her chemotherapy.   She had been with her Family for a little over a year and was the light of their Life.  Everything they did revolved around sweet Zoe.  She was the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars all wrapped up into one beautiful, graceful Lady.  Zoe always had her front paws crossed and waited patiently for her treats or a pat on the head.  She loved everyone she met but was in love with her Special Family.   She lived much longer than was expected because she loved her Life so much.  She let her Family know it was time to say Good-Bye and they loved her enough to let her go.   She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday in the arms of her loving Family.


Gemmi short for Gemina-Rose made us all think someone had played a trick on us and she was actually two instead of twelve years old.  Once we removed her tumor, her entire World changed.  This once very sick older gal perked up and never looked back,  A walk was never a stroll but a sprint to her.  She went from sun up to sun down always with a smile on her face.  She loved playing with her buddies and refused to sleep by herself at night.  We finally put her in the same room with Chief and they snuggled all night long.  From that point on, she slept with a buddy.   Gemmi stole the hearts of everyone she met.  Everyone wanted to adopt this beautiful little girl but I just could not let her go until the perfect person walked in the door.  I knew right then, Gemmi would be leaving for her new home that day.  Our little Angel was spoiled rotten and loved every second of her new Life.   Her cancer had not come back, and she was fit and happy.  Gemmi loved her walks, but this one afternoon for some reason she did not want to go down the stairs and just seemed out of sorts.  Her Family brought her inside to let her lay down.  A very short time after she passed away without any warning.  Her Specialists think she either had a heart-attack or a massive stroke.   Nothing could be done but hold her while she crossed over.


Dear Sam will forever be our perfect Gentleman.  He was always the one that waited for everyone else to eat before he took a treat or his meals.  He was never pushy or demanded anything.  Sam's presence was always so calm and serene that all you wanted to do was wrap your arms around him and breathe in his calmness.   His Soulful eyes are something I will always remember.  He was wise beyond his years and loved deeply.  When Sam joined his new Family, a very special connection happened.  He had found his person, and he was finally home.  You could see it in his eyes that he was loved unconditionally and was finally at Peace.  Our dear boy was never sick and was healthy as an ox until the day he became ill.  His Family was shocked to hear that Sam had cancer that had already spread and nothing could be done.  Sam crossed over the Rainbow Bridge very shortly after his diagnosis in the arms of his Guardian Angel. 


Our beautiful Angel Pepper.  I can still see you sitting in the chair in my office pretending to be me.  I think if you could have answered the phone and said hello, This is Noah's Arks Rescue, you would have.  You absolutely had us at Hello.   We fell in love with you, the minute you walked in the door.  You told us what you would do and what you wouldn't do, and we had better pay attention.  If we did that, you would love us forever and never leave.   God how we loved your sweet smile and those beautiful eyes.   You had waited all your Life to be loved, and you had finally found it with us.   Life could not have been any sweeter until your Forever Family saw your video where you said "Choose Me, " and she DID..   You two were a match made in Heaven.  You were doing so well that we knew you would live forever with your Special Person.  Sadly, Cancer is bigger than all of us.  No matter what we did, Cancer was winning.   Our hearts broke when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  


Each one of these special Angels has enriched our Lives in a million different ways.  They will forever be a part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  The Heavens are dancing tonight because of them.  They are now in charge of looking after us.  My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner so we could love them longer.  


Please, say a Prayer for each of the Families that lost a loved one this past month.  Their Hearts will never quite be the same.  Their beautiful pups have their Golden Angel Wings, and Heaven's Borrowed Angels have returned Home.  Enjoy the video of the Lives of five amazing pups.

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