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FEATHER (Pitbull)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that dear Feather is out of surgery and doing well.   Dr. Chris Gauthier was the Surgeon that took over her case and was the one doing the delicate procedure.  Once Dr. Gauthier got through with Feather he had to go right into another procedure which is why I am posting this morning instead of last night.   He let me know she was doing well and then was gone.


The pictures I got this morning are disturbing in so many ways.  The arrow looks small on the x-rays but is actually five and a half inches long.  You have the tip and approximately five inches of the shaft of the arrow that appears to have been broken off.   I am not sure how it got broken off because when Feather arrived, there was no shaft sticking out.


Feather has a drain coming from her chest cavity to get rid of any infected fluid she has built up.   The amount of fluid is already slowing down which tells us this is not an old injury but one that happened within a week of her being found.    We also discovered on the Cat Scan, that the arrow nicked the tip of a vertebra.  The injury was not significant enough for Dr. Gauthier to go in and repair the damaged vertebrae.


Lucky does not even begin to describe this sweet Pitbull.  The person that did this appears to have been aiming at her heart, and by luck alone, the arrow managed to miss her heart, lungs and major arteries by millimeters. Feather is one of luckiest pups to have survived this horrible abuse. 


Karma is going to take care of the evil Human that inflicted this kind of abuse on an innocent Soul.   I am a firm believer that all the horrors we are seeing are going to come back on the people that are harming.   They may think they are getting away with this, but they are wrong.


We are the lucky recipients of this precious young pup.   Feather is sweet as can be and loves everyone she meets.   She has not shown any negative reaction toward other animals while in the hospital and wants nothing but to be loved.  The minute she came to after her procedure, she crawled into one of the Vet Techs laps and went to sleep.   As far as she is concerned, Life is Good and loves everyone she meets.


Thanks for all the prayers for this adorable pup.   She now has the rest of her Life to live surrounded by unconditional Love and Care.


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