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Sweet Flossie and Freddie are finally out of the hospital and recovering.  Freddie is a big Goof-Ball.  He and Flossie are very protective of each other, which is good and bad.  They both need some time away from each other, so they become a little more independent.  After having them with us for the last couple of days, I now believe Flossie is the dominant one that is the protector.


We do not have a clue what happened to her puppies.  I feel she was probably protecting them when she was attacked. The Owner is not giving any new information since both dogs were taken away.  Both of the dogs are cautious but playful when they trust you.  It takes a little while for them to relax.


They do need to be adopted together since they have been together their entire Life.  When I say a little independence, I mean to have them separated some during the day where each gets one on one time with their new Family. They become more dependent on you instead of each other, which is a healthy interaction.


Flossie's culture came back that she had several resistant bacteria growing. The good news is we had her on the proper antibiotic, and we removed the source of the infection with wide margins.   Her bloodwork is looking much better since her body no longer has to fight off an infection that was spreading rapidly.  


After 20 years of saving Abused Dogs, I am still clueless about what inspires someone to help a dog in need financially.  Not every dog we take in has been mangled or tortured.  We don't even post the worst pics because I don't believe that is humane for sensitive people that want to help but don't want to see that.   There has to be a healthy balance to get the message across without offending anyone and get the funds we need to save each dog.  I do so much Rescue that I get offended when someone shows an animal at his most vulnerable without showing the good.


The other issue is getting the message across to everyone that follows us.  Not everyone wants and e-mail.  A lot of our followers want only to follow us on Facebook.    The problem is, when posting our updates and pics, even the slightest hint of an injury in a photo gets us blocked.   There have been weeks when I could not post updates for that reason.   Facebook would not allow me to do this.


It has gotten harder, not easier, to save Abused Animals, which I find very disheartening.  All we care about at Noah's Arks Rescue is saving Abused, Neglected dogs.  We don't care about News articles or anything else.  We just want to help these poor pups that have been severely neglected.  With your support, we get to do that.   We need you now more than ever.  Abuse is up, and Donations are down.  I am not going to make something up to get donations.


Any abuse or neglect is Life-Threatening to the dogs we take on.  Flossie and Freddie needed to be rescued together.   Freddie did not have injuries like Flossie, but he still needed a thorough Medical done and get current on all shots, etc.  Lots of bloodwork and analysis were done to get him current.  We have a standard of treatment and care that is done on each animal above and beyond their injuries.  That costs us several thousand dollars on each dog before we get into the significant injuries.


Freddie cost us several thousand to get him current and ready to be adopted.   Freddie is a dog that has not ever had Vet Care but desperately needed it.  He is now current and ready to be adopted.   Flossie has a couple more weeks before she can leave.   Both of these pups are fabulous and would make a great addition to anyone with land or a big yard to run and play.  They are cautious but do warm up once they know you are not going to hurt them.   As I always say, "Time Heals the most Broken Heart."  


If you think these two would be right for your Family, drop us a note so we can make an appointment for you and your Family to meet them.  In the meantime, we are not even close to covering the Medical Bills for these two big dogs.  We don't have enough even to cover Freddie much less the big bills for Flossie.  Please, Donate whatever you can and send the pics of these beautiful dogs to your friends so we can find a Family to adopt them.


Thanks for all your help with our Abused Dogs.  Your Love and Support is greatly appreciated.  Warm hugs and much love from Noah's Arks Rescue.

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