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Frankie has been rescued from Augusta, GA.  He is a beautiful, sweet dog that  has two deformed front legs and the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen.  We don’t have any idea how his legs got that way, we just know he needs to be rescued first and then taken to the best specialist around to see what can be done to improve his quality of life.


He was picked up on Saturday and transferred to our vet in Greenville, SC.  There he will be evaluated, x-rayed, etc. and we will determine exactly what will need to be done.  If he has to have extensive surgery he will be sent to Upstate Veterinary Specialist where his surgery will be done. He will also be neutered at that time.


We have a wonderful foster home for him in Charleston, SC but would like to have one closer to Greenville, SC.  If anyone would like to help us out with this sweet boy during his recovery, please, let us know.


We are desperately in need of donations for this beautiful, sweet dog.  Please, send around to everyone you know.



UPDATE December 12, 2008

FRANKIE will be taken to Upstate Veterinary specialist tomorrow for surgery.  It is going to be a very long process but I am sure will be well worth it.  His deformity is because of an old injury that went untreated.  He will have to have his right leg re-broken and then rebuilt with pins in it instead of plates.  That way if they need to tweak the surgery they can.  If he had a plate put in and something was not healing properly, we could not go back in to repair it.  We have the best surgeons working on Frankie and are now in search for someone in or near the Greenville area to foster him during his rehabilitation. 


He had his operation on Wednesday afternoon.  All the funds hadn’t come in but I just couldn’t wait so I gave them my AMEX card and told  them to go ahead and do the surgery.  Hopefully, all the funds will come in to cover this major operation.


He is doing wonderful.  Thursday is the first day he tried to put his foot down.  He is feeling good and a little bit frisky which is wonderful.  If he continues this way he will be leaving the hospital to go to his foster home on Friday  He will be with his foster for quite some time because his leg has lots of pins in it that have to be adjusted and need to be treated on a regular basis so he will not get an infection.


As soon as I get the pictures from the surgeon, I will post them.  There will be weekly updates for Frankie while he is going through his rehab.


January 19, 2009 UPDATE

Frankie had a couple of bad weeks the beginning of January but is now doing much better.  He ended up with an infection that took several different antibiotics to finally get it under control.  His leg is healing beautifully now.  Every once in a while he has to have a pin adjusted that starts to rub on his skin and causes lots of irritation.   We have it adjusted and then he is back to normal. 


His new family have been spending time with him at the foster and they can’t wait until he can go home with them.  He should be able to leave the foster in about a month.



March 15, 2009 UPDATE

Frankie is doing wonderful.  All of his pins have been removed.  The pictures we have are right before the pins were removed.  We will have new ones when he goes to his new forever home.

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