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GREENVILLE, SC......FREDDY is a 6 week old baby PITBULL Mix that weighs only 3 1/2 pounds.   He was picked up as a stray by a good-samaritan that was horrified after seeing this little puppy.  They rushed him to Animal Control in Greenville where they knew someone to see if he could be saved.  Look how tiny he is next to the person’s thumb that is holding him.  We stepped up for Freddy knowing we could get him immediate medical care that could save his life.  We have had him for two days and are now comfortable posting for him.  We were not sure if he was going to make it after we got him and DO NOT post until we have as much information as possible about their care. All of our animals go to the best medical / surgical facility whether we have a Chip-In posted or not for them.  We never post until we think the chances are good the animal will survive.  Little Freddy is still in critical care getting round the clock treatment.  The vets have determined that someone poured ACID on the face of this little baby about a week ago.  He also has some raw places on his feet and belly. Those places are nothing compared to what has happened to his face.  Freddy’s face has literally been burned so badly that it looks like it has melted in areas.  His entire face is terribly infected.  When 25% of your body is burned this badly, chances of survival for one so small are very slim.  Freddy is a little fighter that proves to us everyday that he wants to be here.  When we received him, his body temperature was extremely low.  It has since come up and has stabilized.  The biggest problem has been controlling his pain.  How this little boy has survived the insurmountable pain and suffering is a testament to his will to live.  We will be doing surgery today on his face to remove as much infected tissue as possible. His eyes do not appear to be damaged but the surrounding lids are.  We will have to wait and see if that affects his vision. This is going to be a very long process that will require lots of tissue cleaning all through the day to get the infection under control.  Right now, little Freddy is comfortable and happy.  If we could not control his pain and suffering, we would have gently put him to sleep.  That is not the case with him.  He is on pain meds that control his pain but will not knock him out.  He loves being held and taken outside so he can roll around.  On the pain meds, he is a typical puppy that is loving, sweet and wants to chew your fingers.  We have ordered a special holistic balm to go on his face to give him the best possible outcome.  We do not know how much scarring he will have but do know he will have some visible scars for the rest of his life.  We are doing everything we can for that to be minimal.  Freddy will be at the medical facility for a long time recovering.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers over the next week, which is a critical time for him.


We post updates on our animals on Facebook more than on our website because we can do it without being on our main computer.  If you don't follow us already, please do, so you are current on the latest News.  I have enclosed our Facebook link below.


FREDDY is being given round the clock care to make sure his wounds are  healing and he is comfortable.  We are still waiting for the culture to come back to see exactly what his infection is growing.  The meds we have him on now are working  but we need to be specific to get the best possible outcome.  When we first got FREDDY the vets thought he had Puppy Strangles (you can google to find out exactly what Strangles are).  We waited several days to make sure of the diagnosis.  After thorough evaluation by several vets they all agreed he was burned with a caustic substance. 


Freddy is all puppy and loves to roll around in the grass, play with anything and anyone he can find to use as a chew toy.  He will be having several more small surgeries this week to clean his wounds.  He has to be slightly sedated because it is too painful otherwise.  He is only sedated briefly and doesn't even realize what is going on.  By the end of the week, we should see a lot of progress where the skin has begun to granulate and new skin has formed.  We still think little Freddy is going to be a Pit / Lab Mix but only time will tell.  If you are interested in adopting our little Angel, please fill out our Adoption Application below.  We pick the best possible candidate for each animal in our care based on all of the applicants.


I know everyone is waiting anxiously to see how sweet FREDDY is doing. The good news is that our sweet boy is eating well, he is happy and comfortable and the edema in his face is slowly going down. The bad news is that the culture we did came back with MRSA, which is a resistant Staph infection. We have changed his antibiotic and he seems to be responding to it. We are doing everything we can to protect his organs while he is on this strong antibiotic. We have a holistic protocol that we just ordered to give to him to support his organs and his immune system. He is being closely monitored and blood work is done to check his levels all the time. He is so happy that you would not believe how sick he is except for his burned face. The next two weeks are going to be critical in getting his infection under control. Thanks for all the prayers. This little baby still needs lots of them.


Freddy’s MRSA infection has improved a lot and he is feeling a thousand percent better.  He is still at the vet and will be until he is over the infection.


Look how wonderful adorable Freddy looks. 

He is now ready to go to his new home.


Freddy with his new family below.  Look how big he is getting.


Look how big Freddy is below.  He is chasing the cats off the counter in his new home.  He is being spoiled rotten and loves his new Family.

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