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Sweet Jake is doing wonderfully since his surgery.   The first couple of days, he did not want to move.  All he wanted to do was to stand there and look cute which is what he was doing a great.  Eventually, he realized he could walk and was not suffering the way he was before his spinal surgery.   The other reason why he was so hesitant to walk is because he not only had spinal surgery but also had leg surgery.   Jake had a lot more going on than we realized when we rescued him.   The good news is that we have some of the best Specialists in the country looking after our pups and they always look outside the box for any animal that comes in.  


Jake's case was not a cut and dry one.   He needed a Neurologist to look at him from all angles and do a lot of tests to make sure what they saw was actually what was the cause of his pain.  Dr. Bergman was the first to point out that he felt there was more going on but he couldn't put his finger on it.  It had taken an MRI before a Radiologist was able to find the fracture.   Regular X-rays were never going to show the area that had been damaged which is why it had not been diagnosed before this.


Jake will be with a Foster in the NC area while he is recovering from his surgery.  We want to keep him close by his Spinal Surgeon so he can be seen immediately if he has any complications.  Jake will be on exercise restriction until he has recovered.  He will not be allowed to run around but will get leash walks only during this time.


Jake had two major surgical procedures and also required an MRI which is very costly.  We have not gotten enough donations even to pay for one surgery, much less two major operations along with an MRI.  Please, Donate toward this amazing dog's Medical bills so we can help more dogs like Jake.  He would have put sleep if we had not stepped up to get his medical needs taken care of.


Thanks for making Jake's Journey to Heal and find Love possible.  We greatly appreciate your Love and support for our pups.

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