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It has been three months since Sweet Juliet had her leg surgery and had pins and plates put in.  Juliet's legs had to be re-broken because it had been so long since they were originally injured.   She had been in a cast with broken legs that had calcified and had not healed properly.   Her Orthopedic Surgeon knew it was going to be a long shot, but it was her only chance at walking again free of pain.  The biggest obstacle was going to be keeping the plates in long enough for her bones to calcify and become solid again.  


Juliet's legs had begun to bother her so we did an x-ray to see if we could determine the cause of the pain.  Some of the screws in her plate had come out and had gravitated to the top of her injury.   We now knew, it was now or never because the plates had to come out.   Juliet has been walking freely on her legs without any issues.   We were very optimistic about the outcome but knew her leg stability could change dramatically if the only thing holding her leg together was the plate.   Dr. Nanfelt went in and surgically removed the plate along with all of the screws.   Juliet's leg was bandaged to give her a little support, and we prayed for a good outcome.   We had done all we could to save her leg and now was time to see if all our hard work paid off.  


As of this morning, Juliet is using her leg without any new issues.  She is a little sore from having surgery but other than that, we feel very good about the outcome.   She has never been one for running around a lot which is good.   Her leg is not as stable as it would be with the plate but the bones have reformed and appears to be pretty stable.   Her leg will get stronger as the area where the screws were fills in.


It is a Miracle this little Lovebug can even.    Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Walk possible.  Any Donations to cover her recent Surgery are greatly appreciated.

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