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Latest Updates

This wonderful dog was picked up as a stray in DeKalb County, Georgia.  She was scheduled to be euthanized because of her medical condition.  She has a prolapsed uterus and bite marks on her face and back that we think all happened during the process of being forced to breed.  She also has a terrible Upper Respiratory Infection that seems to be resistant to just about everything.  She has been at our vet for two weeks in Greenville, SC being treated for everything imaginable.  She has had her surgery and is beginning to see signs of improvement.  Her cough was terrible and made her feel horrible.  This is one great dog that just adores everyone.  She is friendly with other dogs and just wants to be loved on by everyone she meets.


Kelsey has fully recovered from her surgery and her kennel cough.  She will be going to a new foster family in Virginia that will be placing her.  There she will get the special attention she needs so she can be adopted.



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