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LEVI (Staffordshire Terrier)

Latest Updates

The last month has been challenging nursing fabulous Levi each day, so he healed completely from his Penis Amputation without complications.   His procedure meant the total removal of his genitals, and we had to create a different way for him to urinate.   Dr. Nanfelt had to think outside the box and come up with a plan as she was doing the surgery.  She had a general idea what she wanted to do, but would not know if it was possible until she was in surgery. 


Once the testicles were removed and the penile tissue amputated, the urethral in the scrotal region was isolated and incised to create a linear opening that would be sutured to the skin.  This will be his new urethral opening to urinate through. This procedure is considered a salvage procedure but is necessary in his case. There was the potential for hemorrhage (mild to life-threatening), infection, recurrent urinary tract infections, stricture of the urethrostomy site, dehiscence, urine accumulation under the skin and need for revision surgery in some cases.     I am happy to report that none of this happened because of the amazing care he has had since his procedure.


Levi is the best Ambassador for all Pitbulls.  Nothing bothers this boy.  He loves everyone he meets and is great with all dogs we have had him around.  The only issue we have observed and it happened on a walk was a stray cat came after him, and he was not having any of that.   He definitely should not be around cats.   I am not sure if it was a hate for cats or a curiosity of being ambushed by one.   Levi is so strong that we decided not to test him any further with a  cat.


Levi is finally out of the Hospital and with us at the Rehab Center.  We love this big Goof-Ball and are so glad he has healed so well from his surgery.  All we have to do now is pay off the balance of his bills and find him the perfect Family.   Please, Donate toward his care so we can help more dogs like Levi that have cancer.  Thanks for caring and sharing his amazing story of courage and survival.  

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