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With a very heavy Heart, I have to let everyone know that Lily Beth has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   Her poor little body could not come back from the damage that had been done.   Her ICU Team believes her body had become septic from the skin infections she was ravaged with.


We have brought back so many pups that were similar to Lily Beth. It would take almost a year of healing but we would bring them back, and they are living the good Life now.   Sadly, Lily Beth's body could not come back from the neglect.  I was so hopeful the transfusion would restore her body enough to give us and her time to play catch-up.   Unfortunately, too many of her other organs had begun to shut down and could not regulate her body.


The ICU Team maxed out on all of the medical care her body to handle given how sick she was.  The biggest problem was her glucose levels kept bottoming out.  We maxed out on what could be provided without harming.  One of my favorite ICU Techs was with her during the night and made sure she was comfortable and loved.  She spared nothing when it came to Lily Beth's care.  


We found out that sadly this tiny Angel had been picked up as a stray after someone had discarded her on the side of the road. Just typing these words brings tears to my eyes knowing she was all alone and sick. It is so disheartening that Humans could sit back and allow an animal to suffer and be discarded this way.   


The only saving grace is Lily Beth was with us when she passed. She did not die alone and unloved.   I wish we had gotten her soon, but all the wishing and hoping in the World will not bring her back.  Our sweet girl has her beautiful Angel Wings and is finally whole again.  I am sure that Gemma, Opie, and Jax ran to meet her as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.


Heaven is filling up with a lot of our beautiful Angels.   I sometimes wish I only helped healthy dogs but then the Abused Souls we rescue would never know what unconditional Love and Care is. They would pass from this Earth without ever knowing the kindness of Angels on this Earth.  


For all the horror and neglect that we see, we also get to witness Miracles.        Tonight when you look into the cloudy Night Sky, look for the bouncing Stars and stop to hear the pups barking with pure Joy. The Heavens are full of tiny Angel Puppies with their beautiful golden wings jumping and playing to their Heart's Desire.    Thanks for being there for Lily Beth and all the other desperate Souls. You are our Angels on Earth.  


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