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LOU (Pomeranian)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that sweet Lou is out of the hospital, but he is far from being well.   Lou has seen unimaginable abuse.  I wanted him to learn about Love and Care and decided as long as he was stable, we needed to bring him to our Rehab facility.  


Lou had basically given up when we rescued him.   He had gone beyond the state when your entire body hurts, and you just don't care any longer.  The fact he is still alive is a Miracle.  Once I realized he might not make it, my heart broke for this little dog.  I was not going to let him die without showing him how much he mattered to us.  Getting him out of the hospital and into our Rehab Facility was critical for him to survive.


This past week we have spent hours nurturing this sweet dog and all the other critical cases that have been tortured. Leo was starving because of the pain associated with losing part of his tongue and the terrible burns in the roof of his mouth.  He was on a fentanyl patch that numbed the pain but also all of his other senses.  He was hungry but not motivated enough to figure it out.


All week long we have worked with him and allowed his fentanyl patch to wear off without adding a new one.  We also bought every kind of food imaginable until we came up with something he was excited about....Fish.   The boy loves stinky, smelly fish.  Yesterday was the first day, he started to enjoy his food and was consuming enough nutrients for us to be happy.


Leo's favorite thing in the world to do is lay in your lap with someone rubbing him all over.  We are like little monkeys that dig down in his fur and look for bugs.  He LOVES it.  It is like a massage that lasts all day long.   He relaxes and goes sound to sleep.  It is during this process that we can give him his syringe medications. 


When we first picked up Leo from the hospital, I almost took him right back.  He was so disabled and in so much pain, I wasn't sure if we were the best option for him.   My gut told me if I didn't get him out of the hospital, he was not going to live.


Thanks to the dedicated, incredible Staff we have, Leo began to trust and allow us to do everything we could to get him better.  Each day is a challenge but one we gladly accept to help this amazing dog realize, his bad days are behind him.  We will never allow anyone to ever neglect or abuse him again.


I am amazed at the lack of compassion the World has for our domesticated animals.   It has become a form of Disease that has no Cure because it keeps happening.  Social Media has gotten out of control with people that pretend to care about their animals when all they care about is being the Center of Attention.


People that know don't talk and people that TALK don't care about Facts.  Think of all the good that could be accomplished if all the Haters on Facebook would spend all that wasted energy hating on bringing about Positive Change.   Life is not about agreeing with each other.  It is about Respecting the World we live in and honoring our differences.


At Noah's Arks Rescue we nurture each one of these animals back from the dead.   We then hand them over to Adopters we have checked out with a Binding Contract we hope will keep our beloved Angels safe.    These dogs are our Children that we worry about constantly.   Have we made mistakes and allowed the wrong people to adopt from us, sadly yes.    Facebook reminds us of that Daily.   It is like the knife that goes in slowly and keeps turning.


Even with all the Hate in the World, we get up and choose to save an animal's Life because he Matters to us.  It takes a Village to save one Abused Animal.   We Love our Noah's Arks Rescue Village and consider ourselves one of the luckiest Not for Profits around because of you.  You always have our backs and are not afraid to ask us questions.  Noah's Arks Rescue is a Village of like-minded individuals all over the World that believe every Life matters.


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been asked thousands of times why I continue to do what I do with all of the Hate I witness daily.   I do it because the Abused Animals we take in would die never knowing unconditional Love and because of your Love and Devotion to our Cause.   Thanks for being the  Angel Wings that Love and Protect us.


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