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LUCY (Chihuahua)

Latest Updates

It is hard to imagine how adorable tiny Lucy could have survived the unimaginable pain she endured with her two shattered scapulas.   With creative surgery by Dr. Michelle Nanfelt, Lucy has gotten her Life back.   Her scapulas are healing beautifully, and she can walk without any issues.  It will be a while before she can take off and run but she has made a miraculous recovery.   When we first realized what was wrong with Lucy, we were hopeful but not encouraged she could be put back together because the damage was so extensive for such a tiny pup.  The first day after surgery, little Lucy tried to take her first step and was able to take several steps and then would lay back down.  Each day after that, she was able to take a few more until she was able to walk from one end of ICU to the other.  


The hardest part for Lucy (which is not a problem) is getting to walk because everyone wants to hold her.  Her feet barely have time to hit the ground before she is scooped up into someone's arms.  The person that been taking care of Lucy the most is her ICU Nurse / Vet Tech Brittany that Lucy adores and will do anything for.   Brittany is at the top of our List for adopting tiny Lucy.  We have lots of great Applications, but the person that knows how to care for Lucy the best is the one that has been by her side all along the way.   So far, Lucy has not had any problems since her surgery.  She is taking it slow and easy to make sure we do not have any complications further down the line.


Lucy is due for new x-rays to show us how well she is healing in two weeks.   Only then will we know for sure if the shoulders are healing properly.  Lucy is getting around fine and does not appear to be in any pain which tells us, anatomically she is healing properly.  We have posted some great videos of her Journey to walk.  Please, take the time to see how well this tiny pup is doing.


We are still way behind on paying off dear Lucy's Surgical bills.    Please, Donate whatever you can so we can help more Abused, Neglected Animals like Lucy get the Medical Care and Love they need to Survive.  Thanks for caring.

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