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Adorable Lyle Lovett has had a hard time this past week.   He wants to trust everyone but his body is painful, and he is skin and bones.   He has been through a lot for an older dog.  His body has been in such horrible shape for such a long time that he could be much younger than he looks.   The biggest issue we have been dealing with is getting him to go to the bathroom without straining.  We have him on a mild stool-softener that we have been adjusting.  Yesterday was the first day he appeared to be more normal in his bowel habits.   Straining could cause him to have further complication because of where the tumor was removed.   His tiny rear end has a large incision that goes almost all the way around his anus because of the size of the tumor.  


As far as his temperament goes, he has been nothing but sweet and loving to us.    I think he knows we are not going to be doing anything that would cause him any pain.  He has already suffered enough for one Lifetime.  I am so grateful we have this little Man with us because he would have been put to sleep based on how he looked when he arrived.   Healthy dogs are put down daily in shelters.  The ones that look like Lyle Lovett are the first to go when space is an issue.


We did get good news back on his biopsy.   One testicle was just abnormal from hyperplasia and atrophy; the other testicle had an Interstitial cell tumor, and castration is curative for it. Shockingly, both his perianal mass and the right anal sac were both perianal adenomas - hormonal tumors in intact male dogs and do not require any further treatments since he is now castrated.   He could potentially form some other ones, but I highly doubt it as he is now castrated and the hormonal influence that causes them is gone.   We are elated with the results.  We could not ask for better news than this.  It just goes to show you that all of the ugly scary looking tumors are not always cancerous.  No Chemotherapy for this little Man.


I am surprised, but we have received very little in Donations for dear Lyle Lovett.  I am not sure if a lot of people wanted him put down and didn't want to support our efforts or if a lot of people did not get the e-mail.   I am hoping the latter.   We SAVE Abused Animals that no one else wants to give a chance to.   We can't do it without your Love and Support.  We are the Last Resort for the ones we take in.   Please, Donate toward these pups whenever you can.    Each dog we have helped would have been EUTHANIZED if we had not stepped up.   That is a Tragedy I do not want to think about.  Thanks for caring.

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