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MADGE (Poodle)

Latest Updates

Madge has got to be one of the sweetest, most delightful poodles around. She breezed through her hernia surgery like it was nothing. We were so worried about her making it through her procedure that we had everyone ready to jump in if her vitals started to drop.  None of that happened.  She went to sleep and woke up without a care in the World.   I am sure not carrying around a bowling ball size hernia has made her feel a thousand percent better.


Madge's eyes were so matted over from gunk when we rescued her that I felt confident she had to be completely blind.  A week of eye meds has made a big difference in her sight.   She now will focus on you and run toward a treat instead of nosing her way over to it.


Our little bundle of pure Joy is out of her Cone of Shame as you can see in the pictures.  She and Marty (another pup we just did surgery on) were comparing cone stories in the yard when we snapped one of the pics.  They have been running all over the place trying not to run into each other with their cones.


Nobody loves saving these older pups more than we do.  To give them back their lives after being neglected for so long gives us incredible joy.   Where one person sees them as trash to be discarded, we see them as beautiful Pearls to be cherished and handled with care.   We love all of our dogs, but the older ones have an extraordinary place in our hearts. We know they have endured unimaginable hardship to be in this kind of shape.


Sweet Madge may look rough around the edges, but she is one of the sweetest pups.  A lot of her hair had to be clipped because of mats.  Once she puts some weight on and her hair grows in, she is going to be a beauty.  One thing Madge has in spades is a heart of gold and spunk for Life. This sweet pup never has a bad day.  She is always ready to curl up in your lap and shower you with kisses.   She wants for nothing which makes you want to give her the World.


Madge is going to make the best companion for someone special. She loves unconditionally and gets along great with other dogs unless they run into her and then she gives them a scolding and goes on about her business.  Our sweet pup is ready to be adopted and be in a home for the Holidays.   Thanks for caring about sweet Madge.

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